Leemaw: Trained Pragmawtist

BraveLilToaster 466

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Maw is adorable.

So adorable in fact, it deserves to fire as much as possible...including on the corp's turn.

The Gameplan.

Get some Gang Signs, HQ Interfaces, and your Maw installed as soon as possible. Use that signature Leela pressure to slow the corp down while you do this.

When the corp finally decides to score, their HQ will be rendered an unrecognizable husk of its former self.

Play This Deck If:

You think asset-heavy decks shouldn't be allowed to keep cards in HQ.

You like making CI players sweat bullets.

You want to impress your friends with your knowledge of trigger orders. (Hint: Maw will fire in the middle of a multi-access. Bring dice; it gets complicated.)

You want to play ice destruction out of criminal. (Bounce the ice to HQ, Maw it away.)

Card Choices.

Inside Job - I don't know why this card isn't played 100% of the time in criminal. Turns off turn 1 agenda jams, and completely messes with their scoring window math.

Tapwrm - Great card to speed up your setup. You either get endless econ, or a free turn.

Sacrificial Construct - Program destruction can really hurt this deck's early pressure. Also keeps your Tapwrms alive.

Salsette Slums - I have cried only twice in my life. At the birth of my daughter, and when I learned Maw doesn't trigger off of a slums trash. Still worth the slot in my meta, but it's definitely two flex influence. Do whatever you want with them, I'm not your mom.

Peregrine/Passport - They're fine. I'm looking forward to Abagnale to replace them though. You could even cut slums and sac con for Gordian.

Medium - You're not going to win off of gang sign if they are on game point, and they're going to ice up HQ pretty hard. Medium is necessary late game to close it out. It's also another good way to ensure a Maw trigger on your turn.

This deck is a ton of fun to play. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Oh, and watch out for those dirty HQ Snares.

9 Apr 2017 tonybluehose

Your write up deserves stars. Also, at times I have created false equivalence between netrunner experiences and my own children. Though it's not as false as it seems :)

Love leela and can't wait to try this.

10 Apr 2017 blacklionchest

Using Gang Sign to potentially trigger Maw on the corp's turn is genius. Love it.

10 Apr 2017 Klopstock

Really cool deck! I've been tinkering around wih Maw Leela myself, but my list was a lot weaker than yours, I guess (using Blockade Runner as your main draw engine is just really clunky) - although I spot many similar ideas and choices.

In my epxerience, this deck struggles mostly against asset spam (where Salsette Slums are a good addition, although one-ofs tend to be a little dicey for my taste) and against kill (where you have to pray to RNGesus that Maw snipes the kill pieces out of their hand, before they blow you up). But despite these weaknesses, this deck is great fun to play.

11 Apr 2017 Persopheus

I was playing Andymawer rebirthing into Leela dreading the day Andromeda would cycle out... netrunnerdb.com Your list gave me hope for the future ;-)

11 Apr 2017 XoXoX

Great deck! I think you should put 1 Sneakdoor Beta in there though, since you already have 2 HQ Interface.

11 Apr 2017 dormio

Maw doesn't trigger off Salsette? Is there a link to that ruling? It doesn't make sense to me given the CTM + Salsette ruling.

11 Apr 2017 BraveLilToaster

From the ufaq:

  1. If the Runner uses Salsettes Slums to remove a trashed card from the game, does Maw trigger?

No, Maw does not trigger. In order to use Salsette Slums, the Runner must trash the accessed card.


11 Apr 2017 dormio

@BraveLilToaster This sure is inconsistent with every other ruling of Salsette that says "the card wasn't actually trashed" (e.g. Hostile Infrastructure, CTM). That's... upsetting. (I'm obviously upset with the ruling, not with you personally haha.)

11 Apr 2017 BraveLilToaster

@dormioAgreed. It's not how I would have ruled it.

Slums has always been weird though. It doesn't count as a trash for the purposes of the CtM tag, but it does count as the first trash of the turn for the purposes of also not getting a tag on your second (actually first) trash. So I dunno what's going on.

12 Apr 2017 Krakow Sam

I think it's the minutia of turn priority at work. In order to trash a card the runner 1. "triggers" the trash protocol 2. pays the trash cost, then 3. the card is trashed. Slums does a sneaky interrupt between 2 and 3 and the card is rfg instead of being trashed normally. For runner effects like slums and Maw it seems like the important thing is step 1. initiating the trash protocol, whereas for corp effects like CTM and Hostile the trigger is on 3. when the card actually goes in the bin. That's the only way it makes any sense to me and I eagerly await future releases which totally disregard that logic and arbitrarily do something else.

12 Apr 2017 dormio

It seems like when you slums a card, no other cards consider it a "trash," but on the next card trashed that turn, every card now considers the first one a "trash." Which... I wish we could get a good, official explanation as to why this happens. Or maybe it was just because that's how Damon wanted it to work?

12 Apr 2017 Cyberzack

hmmm, no current. Bold man, gotta get in there with some early aggression to trash an oppressive current, or hope maw nabs their current before they find/play it.

13 Apr 2017 michaeln

And no longer legal for tournament play! How best to save 3 inf?

13 Apr 2017 BraveLilToaster

Lol. I'd say cut the slums and the sac con. Go up to another tapwrm and maybe another dirty laundry?

13 Apr 2017 Everfree616

I dropped Slums and a Special Order for two Employee Strikes and damn has this deck been hitting hard for me.

14 Apr 2017 Ghost Meat

"I have cried only twice in my life. At the birth of my daughter, and when I learned Maw doesn't trigger off of a slums trash." DYING, hahaha. As a new father of a daughter just this week myself, this landed very well. :)