From Nero to Hero Undefeated GNK

Gingerkin 203

He isn't the Nero we want but he is the Nero we disserve

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This deck is derived from Sanjay's and CodeMarvelous's Los deck. I decided to switch from Los to Nero because of his ability, which keeps Au Revoir going, and also for his link, which lets me also play cards like Jak Sinclair and Underworld Contacts.

To get the deck up and running is the hardest part of the deck but once you get 2-3 Au Revoirs and Jak Sinclair you can start your turn by running an open server or on a rezzed sentry jack out and gain money.

Reflection installed lets you keep tabs on the corps hand reveling a card each time you jack out. This gives you information on traps, ice or even if they are flooded.

For breakers I enjoy using Inversificator to move try to move sentries to the outer most ice or to clear out expensive code gates to useless places. Shrike and Striker are there just for free MU that can be sacrificed to Rosetta for the breakers you might be missing. The same goes for Faerie its best used to find programs then to break ice.

Since I cut Daredevil from the los deck I had extra influence I decided to add Jak Sinclair for the free money and information and if you have Maxwell James installed Jak can be free to play.

Overall the deck is great at destroying asset spam decks, can put the hurt on Glacier decks, but it might not be fast enough for rush decks.

19 Dec 2017 PureFlight

hell yes

20 Dec 2017 NuttyNewfie

I love this. You have taken a "Jank" ID and shown how to make its ability useful. Well done!

20 Dec 2017 esutter479

Nicely put together! :) Would GPI Net Tap do anything for ya here, out of curiosity?

20 Dec 2017 esutter479

Nicely put together! :) Would GPI Net Tap do anything for ya here, out of curiosity?

20 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

Thanks @PureFlight

20 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

@esutter479 GPI Net Tap was a consideration when I had Aumakua for a breaker. The fact that GPI Net Tap only works once was the reason I cut it

20 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

@NuttyNewfieThat's also a reason I picked Nero Severn: Information Broker and because I Jane the alt art for him

20 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

@NuttyNewfie That's also a reason I picked Nero and because I have the alt art for him

20 Dec 2017 CodeMarvelous

I have never slammed the upvote button so hard in my life. Good Work.

20 Dec 2017 Sanjay

This list looks really good and I love it.

I feel like I might miss the Rubicon Switch, but I understand why it is gone. Maxwell James seems incredible in this deck (especially with Inversificator).

I know with the original Los deck I found it incredible hard to play. How have you been finding this list?

20 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

@CodeMarvelousthanks I really appreciate it

20 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

@Sanjay the starting hand for this deck is the hardest part of the deck. I hand to mulligan every game because the starting hand was no economy or multiple link based card, Jak Sinclair and Underworld Contact, without any link.

Maxwell James was actually a one for of for the first two drafts of the deck and I was using Sports Hopper to reach two link. Then as I tested it I found the cheaper cost and relevant ability fit better for the deck.

Overall the deck was a great meta call I faced only asset spam lists and a glacier and the deck dismantled them. The most satisfying part of the day was running into an Architect with only three Au Revoirs installed and watching my opponents face when I told them I jack out before it fires and gain three credits because I'm Nero

20 Dec 2017 cinnadream

Lovely to see a Nero deck again!

20 Dec 2017 Benjen

Is there a better feeling than breaking a tollbooth on a central with inversificator, moving it to a remote, and then Maxwell Jamesing it? Beautiful. Nice deck and nice win.

21 Dec 2017 analogBrad

So many strong card interactions here! Jealous of y’all genius janksters.

21 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

Thanks @cinnadream @Benjen @analogBrad I'd love to hear how the deck works in your own meta feel free to make changes and post about your successes

25 Dec 2017 EnderA

Cool deck!

Is there a particular reason you chose GS Striker M1 + Saker instead of GS Sherman M3 + Peregrine/Abagnale? Sherman could be very useful against Ashigaru in CI.

Tapwrm is another (useful) option for something to sacrifice to Rosetta 2.0 if you want it, but I don't know how hungry it is for food.

26 Dec 2017 Gingerkin

@EnderAThe breaker choice for GS Striker M1 was to have a second Cloud breaker to use Rosetta 2.0 for and Saker is the best criminal fractor.

Currently I'm working on getting the breaker suite flushed out. The best suggestions I've gotten is work in Sneakdoor Beta to get with Rosetta 2.0 early game then use it to search for the breakers you need late game.