[Start up]Fast Advancing Mirrormorph with no Remote Server

ccxkrish1921 33

Preface: One may get annoyed with a 54-card deck.Remove 2 Superconducting Hub and 3 Manegarm Skunkworks could probably solve the problem.

How to Score:

With RLC(Red Level Clearance) and Bass in hand,one can immediately install and advance a card 4 times in 8 (or 3 times in 5 if you really need). Just play RLC to gain (or gain 2 if you don't need an extra ) and install Bass, install the card (normally agenda,or you can use RLC to install it directly) you want to advance,rez Bass and trash it immediately,gain for MirrorMorph ablity, and now you have 4 (if you have 3 when you perform the combo,which is what usually happens) to advance. Sometimes Biotic Labor can provide you an extra , but usually you won't be able to score an uninstalled agenda with 4 advancement requirement directly in this way (not even if you have a single RLC or Bass), so don't rely on it too much.

Agenda Choices:

Based on the way we play, agendas with not less than 5 advancemant requirement should not be choosed (as we need all three key cards to score it,which is unpractical). Cyberdex Sandbox and Offworld Office provides us necessary economy, Project Vitruvius help us regain our key cards if we can advance it at least 4 times, and it can be treated as a normal 3/2 as well. Luminal is just so good that I can't find the reason why we should not take it. Now the points has already been 20, 2 Superconducting Hub just provides us larger hand size to gather our key cards if you prefer a 54-card deck like me.

Ice Choices:

Ansel 1.0, Brân 1.0 and Týr are good ice to protect our Central Server (we don't need to have a remote server protected at all), and they are exactly out of the control of Boomerang (though Boomerang with an extra can directly break it). Magnet can invalidate Chisel and Botulus, which could break or trash our ice easily. Konjin is usually the same as Týr, making it more costly for Runner to make a single run.We don't actually need so much ice, as only 3 servers need protecting (we have to protect Archieves because of Sneakdoor Beta).

Other cards:

To resist the attack of Sneakdoor Beta, Khusyuk, The Maker's Eye, 2 Crisium Grid is a must. Archived Memories can be used to recover RLC or Bass when another one is already in hand (then next turn we cand immediately score a 4/2 or 3/2). Spin Doctor can just shuffle discarded agendas (which is often the case as we have 12), Anoetic Void, or even just economy card like Nanoetching Matrix into deck. Do not shuffle key cards easily when only one copy of them is in Archieves, beause we have Archived Memories to directly put them into our hand. Sprint help us draw enough cards and shuffle redundant agendas
into R&D. Anoetic Void and Manegarm Skunkworks just make it harder for Runner to break your defence,which enable us to draw to find key cards without getting interfered.Nanoetching Matrix and Subliminal Messaging are economy card especially designed for MirrorMorph, as we could have more kinds of actions with them to trigger the ability of our ID.

Wrap up:

My recommendation is install ice protecting HQ, R&D and Archieves(if needed) as soon as possible. Normally, a 3-ice or 4-ice defence can cost Runner a lot to make single run,install Anoetic Void and Manegarm Skunkworks on both R&D and HQ, install Crisium Grid if you guess the runner does have Khusyuk or Sneakdoor Beta. Score a Cyberdex Sandbox as soon as possible if the Runner have lots of Virius with them. After installing a Nanoetching Matrix, your economy will not bother you any more if the Runner does not trash it, and obviously it's better than Hedge Fund. As far as I'm concerned, this is an amazing deck, providing better sense of participation for both Corp and Runner compared with Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design in start up.