Wubrahm - Finest Shaper Shenanigans

ArminFirecracker 625

This deck can access heavily iced servers for very little credits out of surprise. Like sebastiank here was unhappy to see. Even reaching out to me, to say sorry that he had an bad day. Wouldn't have been necessary! chat

The Core

So with Prognostic Q-Loop you can reinstall the programs Brahman put on top. So Gauss and Euler get thiere bonus repeatedly. With DZMZ Optimizer it doesnt even cost money to install. To make the icebreakers even stronger, there is Cybertrooper Talut. If you put the icebreaker back on the stack, you can even use the Flame-out credits without trashing.  But that is also fine with programs of a Wu install, and bring them back later with Simulchip.


To deal with Sentries, there is Brahman and Egret. So Tyr can feel pretty sad, if it is broken by a Euler for 3 credits. But splashing an Sentry breaker would also be okay. Just Echelon doesnt work, there are too few icebreakers installed normally.

So how many cards are part of the basic plan? Yeah, that can be a problem. But if you can guess the ice type, you can contest early servers easily. A problem might be the face-check.\n


If you draw an Overclock, you can wu out an Self-modifying Code and install Brahman. Put the SMC on a Flame-out if you can. Make also sure, to have programs for the Brahman trigger. But you can wu them out. Kyuban and Mantle are the first choice here.

Against a regular corp, do not wu out the Rezeki. This deck has sadly to little memory. It can take a while to get the 4 memory cards and Brahman needs a lot.

More than 50% of the cards can be installed by Prognostic Q-Loop, saving a draw and a install click for just one credit. Try to instal programs in the corp turn to maximize the DZMZ Optimizer value.

Central Pressure

There is little central pressure, since it needs a while to setup. But to finish, there are Khusyuk.


Good rebirth targets are Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician especially against Surveyor and Data Ward.

Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain against IP Block.

Lat: Ethical Freelancer for a hand size of 6 against Punitive Counterstrike.

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind or Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman can also be okay.

7 May 2021 DonLoverGate

I had a similar idea, but was doin'g it out of Tao to begin with. This looks way more consistent and nice, cool to see such an ingenious deck and can't wait to play it.

The Wu is comin thru/ the outcome is critical

7 May 2021 rex_monolith

You definitely get points for Brahman, i've tried to build a deck along similar lines several times (before the latest cards admittedly) but always found the deck had too many moving parts and was therefore too slow to setup. Once they're going though they can be very strong. Have to say though i think i'll be giving this a go just in case...

8 May 2021 callforjudgement

I've wanted to see Brahman + Wu work for ages. Prognostic Q-Loop looks like the best attempt at that I've seen.

Just a side note: Chaos Theory has rotated, and thus won't be a valid Rebirth target in Standard.

8 May 2021 ntahfs

Brahman Q-Loop is genius. I must say.

8 May 2021 rubyvr00m

This deck looks really fun, peak shaper BS indeed.

I wonder if the Ice Carver is really worth it over playing the third Q-Loop for consistency's sake. Do you ever have trouble finding it? Seems pretty important to getting things rolling here.

9 May 2021 ArminFirecracker

The deck also works without the 3rd q-loop. It just costs more clicks. The ice carver can be cut. I tried mor Deuces Wilds, but wasn't happy with that.

I need to say the deck is a little hard to navigate. Wu always gives so many options.

11 May 2021 tzeentchling

Is the DreamNet good/needed here? Draw is nice but I'm always leery about not getting full value from it when I'm not at 2 link.

11 May 2021 Dirjel

I recommend Ika as a killer in Brahman builds. The hosting cost makes it expensive to actually use repeatedly, but it's useful as a one-of "tech card" if you run into really problematic ICE repeatedly, and it's a zero install which makes it useful Brahman food.

11 May 2021 ArminFirecracker

Yes, the Dreamnet can probably be cut. But there are two Cybertrooper Taluts for the 2nd link.

Ika is a good option, yes.

12 May 2021 Teemo

Took six games last night, but was rather inconsistent for me. I get that the idea is to drop cybertroopers, and then use Brahm and Q-Loop to recurse the breakers over and over, but in every game, by the time that engine was online, the game was mostly over.

How do you get around the need to massively card draw to find all the moving parts, while also maintaining any kind of money?

Found I crawled to a halt looking for my pieces, or never had enough money to get to the point where I didn't need the money.

Love the idea, but very unsure about how to pilot it :/