[Cache Refresh | 2nd Place] 30-Minute Sol

krystman 2728

This deck placed 2nd at the Cache Refresh tournament at the Euros (decided by a tie-breaker). It won 4 out of 5 games. It is a surprisingly good and fun deck considering its creation history.


It's a simple glacier NBN. Build a singe super-taxing server. Put all of the Red Herrings into it. Start scoring. The SanSan City Grid and Biotic Labor will help but you don't always need them. The ice often has a favorable rez-to-break ratio. A vast majority is just 2 credits to rez. There is also a lot of resource hate. So runners should have a hard time keeping their money up if they rely on them. Which they often do. You'll eventually get you the scoring windows you need.

Use News Hound and IP Block as your bread-and-butter ETRs.

Use Tollbooth as the deal-breaker on the remote server or as a heavy deterrent on a central.

Use Archangel as the outer ice of an ETR to REALLY twist the knife. Works great on Archives if you expect a Sneakdoor or a Temüjin.

Use Turnpike to tax Temüjin runs.

Put Special Offer as the outer ice to make sure you have money to rez all the Tollbooths. They are also great early game to bluff out runners. Finally, there is a neat trick you can to mid- to lategame. Create an empty remote with them. If the Runner Temüjins or Security Tests that server, the ice will be trashed and the server ceases to exist. You got money. The runner lost at least a click.


The deck was created based a Spark deck I brought to the main event at the Euros. I haven't brought any spare cards so I had to borrow some from a friend, who was about to leave. I had only 30 minutes to build the deck. With the help of Jackmade and Gereon's NetDeck we cobbled this haphazardly together. There was no testing. I fully expected to lose every single game.

Pending Changes

The deck does lack some polish. Here is a few details I noticed.

  • Service Outage is not as taxing as I thought it would be. It might be worthwhile replacing it with a different current. Enforced Curfew might be a good choice since it is at least free.

  • Net Quarantine didn't really do anything. Paper Trail, on the other hand, can be devastating. Generally, those 4 slots are a bit of a filler, that can be tweaked.

  • I thought I had added Preemptive Action but I realized mid-tournament that I didn't. Maybe it's because the artwork is very similar to Scarcity of Resources? Anyways, I didn't really miss Preemptive Action. Usually, Friends in High Places could do the same job. But it might be worthwhile finding a slot for it anyway.

  • I had two games that could have been over if I drew an agenda at the right time. The deck-building rules don't allow for a Fast Track, but perhaps there is something in the card pool that can be used as a approximate replacement

  • A Macrophage might be worthwhile since Datasuckers and Mediums can be a problem when you're still setting up.

5 Jun 2017 TR1S

@krystman pleasure being able to meet you, and I hope my fan girling in your final match didn't ruin the stream :P

6 Jun 2017 krystman

@TR1S HAHA No worries. I'm just sad I couldn't stay for a chat afterwards. Next time. Btw, congrats on the Top 16! A fantastic result!

6 Jun 2017 TR1S

@krystman that chat would have just been me gushing about how important Teamworkcasts was for getting me interested in the game. It'd have been embarassing for both of us :p

Cheers :) still can't quite believe it.