Laramy Sift

Snake Eyes 4620

I've been playing this as a funny Jank build trying to make the most use out of Information Sifting and Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor's innate ability as possible. Information Sifting is not as powerful as Legwork in most situations, but oh man it is HELLA FUN.

The key play is to wait for them to have a relatively full grip (after giving them pressure on another server or something) click 1 Fisk Investment Seminar , click 2 Information Sifting, get that successful run on HQ to make them draw, meaning that they now have 4 more cards than when their turn ended.

I have regularly hit this off with them with 9 cards to now sort into 2 piles. My hit rate on getting agendas so far is actually pretty low (best advice to get agenda hits is to ask the Stimhack Slack group which pile to pick, and do the opposite of what they suggest!), but the current build has a half-decent win rate. It is obviously weak to fast advance since there are no real tools to deal with it, and the tricks that you use feed Fast Advance decks with all the fixings they need to score agendas.

Account Siphon is nice to hold off the credits, if you can keep them low on credits it makes for a better time attack.

Data Leak Reversal along with Wireless Net Pavilion and Fall Guy help add to the mill package, with a Hades Shard to lucksack into random mill wins.

Exclusive Party is great early game Faust fuel, while being good late game econ that can shoot from zero, and Drug Dealer helps keep that party going. Easy Mark offsets the costs of drugs, letting you fire that into events like The Maker's Eye, Inside Job or Information Sifting.

Logos chosen as the console as it allows for a larger grip to help Faust out as well as helping speed up any given combo that you're going after while the corp scores agendas on their own.

Oh yeah, and the I've Had Worse is for a little bit of hidden protection from getting scorched or somebody stacking a whole bunch of Snares! on one side of the Information Sifting equation, or as another draw card to help you out in a pinch.


16 Jun 2016 Joseki

This looks so fun to play! Stoked to try it out.

16 Jun 2016 Snake Eyes

Right on @Joseki! Enjoy! The 2 piles thing after pumping their hands up is one of the most fun plays I've seen in a while.

Overnight I had a thought - Peacock should probably be slotted over Passport, so you can deal with Turing better. Faust and e3 Feedback Implants do most of your heavy lifting anyway, with Breach coming up every now and then to weaken Wraparound - or Mongoose out of fear of Komainu.

16 Jun 2016 Saikron

I've been testing Fisk/Sift/Seminar myself and I think I like Legwork better by far.

17 Jun 2016 SneakdoorMelb

Just played against this on Jnet - somebody's on board! Pretty interesting to play against. I was playing SYNC which tends to have a solid DLR matchup but I can see how this would be solid. Gotta say though, this looks like it would be pretty sweet in Leela...

19 Jun 2016 Crowe

Maybe you could make room for some datasuckers to help Faust out a bit? You have some spare MU to play with. I've been doing something similar to this, only with Déjà Vu to recur Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor. I think switching to DLR might prove a little more profitable, so I will give that a spin.