Rock and Roll Out of Control - 1st Place Swiss, Pasttimes

Mordeqai 1792




This deck is honestly just an updated and modified version of Minh MaxX, which took our J.Net owner to second place at the 2015 Netrunner World Tournament, and even after the Wireless Net errata, this strategy continues to dominate.

It went undefeated in Swiss across 2 regionals (Game Nite St Louis, Pasttimes Chicagoland)

Often, games start out slow. I either Day Job, get some Foldings out, pressure R&D a bit, but most importantly, install Wireless Net and at least one Fall Guy before ever wanting to receive a tag. It's not always the right call, but generally speaking this is the route to go. Thereafter, dropping a DDoS, Eater, and landing a Siphon pushes the snowball down the hill, and it gains momentum FAST. It can be further accelerated by recurring that same Siphon over and over, and possibly even draining with a Vamp if their bank is too large. There on you can install your now risk-free resources, such as Josh, Paparazzi, and Activist Support, which all help you to maintain the favorable state of the game.

Once that lock is in place and they cannot trash your shit, turns often become 3 mills and a recurred Siphon/Vamp. You can safely threaten the rest of the board, as their remote ICE should still be unrezzed, and in the off-chance it had the opportunity to be, that's where Faust and Immolation Script come in.

From there on, you can coast your way to victory.



IG: Play Slums, kill their shit, recur it when it gets Millzed. Your amount of recursion should enable you to trash their 3 Ethics.

Fastrobiotics: Keep them at zero, mind the amount of Shipments in the yard, threaten every remote, and mill to death. Try to get Activist out ASAP, as it is your protection vs All-Seeing I. You can even slot in Turntable if you're feeling spicy.

Butcher/Weyland: Set up your board a little more than usual, preferably with 2 Fall Guys, install that Paparazzi, and mill them HARD. Similar to Fastro, don't let your Activist go uninstalled.

Other Corps: Rock and roll out of control


After hearing the advice of Asher Stuhlman, who also piloted this deck undefeated, I absolutely think Corroder is a better call than Mimic. Conceptually, I thought I would be fine with just paying through a Wraparound to Siphon with Eater, but that 6 cost speed bump is likely more of a hit than just losing an AI to a Swordsman, especially since it's not a hard stop. He has also suggested dropping the Data Foldings, but I've chalked this up to personal preference. They are by no means mandatory, I just find them worthwhile in this slow-ass meta.

I would also prefer to go to 3 Eater. 2 was manageable with the 3 DDoS, but I feel as though I missed some early opportunities by not having it.

Additionally, there is a single influence floating around that can be slotted into a bunch of things. I personally chose Employee Strike to hurt Sol and just be generally good, but other options include Rebirth, Yog.0, Hades Shard (Which I do not recommend, as you can just as easily win by decking), Parasite, and even an Eden Shard for the forced decking against Museums when Salsette Slums isn't an option.

5 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

Wow so I was on activist siphon maxx for this regional too ( at chicago ) and only managed 2-3, but I played terrible and went up against all NBN. Wins were HB and palana.

5 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

What I'm saying is, nice work lol

5 Jun 2016 spags

Mimic unneeded.

Great job!

5 Jun 2016 HandsomeMonkey

Thoughts on Salsette Slums vs Archives Interface? I've been enjoying Interface even in the non IG match up especially in decks like this or Noise where you are checking archives anyway and take stuff they might want to Jackson back into their deck (ex Hedge funds, ICE etc).

5 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

Slums is better because you dont want to trash and then run archives to rfg. With slums you want to get rich, pay whatever it takes to trash all3 bioethics, then you pull out melville until you can snipe the game winning points. In any match not ig, you dont care.

5 Jun 2016 LSK

Slums is good in this list because you have Fall Guys to keep it around

6 Jun 2016 VixinXiviir

Why is it called "Minh" Maxx...?

6 Jun 2016 Mordeqai

@HandsomeMonkey - Slums just saves a click most of the time, but it also interestingly dodges Hostile Infrastructure. And You'd be surprised, I very rarely run Archives - Usually only when the Corp is on match point. Although, it would be nice to be able to get rid of some annoying operations (Such as Biotic or All-Seeing)

@VixinXiviir - The deck was first popularized by a man named Minh Tran, who got 2nd at Worlds last year

8 Jun 2016 Grimwalker

By "last year," we mean 2014. 2nd place 2015 was Timmy Wong.

11 Jun 2016 Mordeqai

@Grimwalker Yeah, my bad. He placed 2nd in the cut in 2014 with Andysucker, and 2nd in the Swiss with Minh MaxX (And 5th after elims)

16 Jun 2016 hutch9514

what would be your change for the data folding? Just curious. Love the deck and nice job!!

16 Jun 2016 Joseki

Been having decent luck with this. Seems really hard to beat people who know what you are up to on the first turn (If you mill a fall guy or DLR or something haha)

16 Jun 2016 Mordeqai

@hutch9514 I'd most likely switch it for more econ, like Day Job, Armitage, or Daily. Recently I've dropped IHW for Hactivist, so you may consider that as well.

@Joseki I personally haven't found this the case, but piloting this deck, I focus much more heavily on econ denial than I do actually milling. I rarely mill more than 10-15 cards per game anymore, and I've found most failures with this deck are people focusing too much on DLR, which can be much easier to play against.

17 Jun 2016 mohaymen

Why max? she mills you out too, it hurts you in the long game. Val seems better in my opinion.

17 Jun 2016 mohaymen

Also why activist, josh b seems alot better, a click seems better than a bad pub.

17 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

All seeing i

18 Jun 2016 Mordeqai

@mohaymen Rock and Roll. You can't think of MaxX as milling yourself: With SoT and Deja Vu, your heap ecomes and awkward extension of your grip. For example, if either of those are in my hand, it doesn't matter if I draw or discard the Siphon: I will be able to play it that turn. Any and all efficiency lost in the second half of her ability is gained in the first half.

And yes, All Seeing I recursion. One might even consider a random Blackmail somewhere in here.

2 Jul 2016 Hayati

Awesome deck pal! Great to see DLR MaxX lives after the errata to Wireless Net Pavilion.

I made some changes to the deck based on testing:

The changes are due to personal preference. In particular, I want an answer to both Wraparound and Turing.

2 Jul 2016 Hayati

Sorry, forgot to mention I had to remove 1x Employee Strike to make room for Yog.0.

13 Jul 2016 GeneralCake

Post MWL changelist, I had to remove Employee Strike for another eater due to Faust. Not a game ending change, but I'll miss that open influence slot :(

22 Jul 2016 Maƫlig

How do you deal with caprice or crisium grid on HQ? How about a couple councilman to help with that? Admittedly it doesn't work 100% of the time but it could also prevent jackson rezzes when running on archives FTW.

7 Aug 2016 EnderA

How about Rumor Mill to replace Employee Strike at no influence? Doesn't stop Crisium or Identities, but blanks Caprice Nisei, Ash 2X3ZB9CY, Museum of History, Jackson Howard, Genetics Pavilion, and more.