Fisk Mill

magikot 1976

A new deck that I've been playing that focuses on milling out the corp.

Paparazzi enables DLR and protects you from being scorched. Wireless Net Pavilion makes it extremely expensive to remove DLR without a card effect.

Fisk advances your win con by being aggressive early and pushing cards into HQ. This is backed up by FIS and Eden, pushing even more cards into HQ and reducing R&D.

FIS and Earthrise help you get your combo pieces, while Special Order thins out your deck by getting you the breakers you need to be aggressive.

Should the corp wipe out your combo you still have RDI and a full breaker suite to set up an R&D lock.

Be sure to remove any additional tags you may get from running or AS. Paparazzi might protect you from meat damage, but if it gets killed you don't have a Plascrete to fall back on.

Pros: - Aggressive early game. - Very little econ needed. - Two win cons. - Can be very taxing on the corp to deal with.

Cons: - Not very interactive with the corp when it gets set up. - All Seeing I really cripples the combo.

18 Sep 2015 str4atman

Awesome to see a Criminal version of DLR mill decks. No Fall Guy though?

18 Sep 2015 magikot

I was thinking of it, but swapped them for the RDI instead.

18 Sep 2015 PeterCapObvious

I like it. Thought as @str4atman stated it needs Fall Guy, and possibly Film Critic with New Angeles City Hall to avoid tags and nasty agendas like Fetal AI

18 Sep 2015 PeterCapObvious

To add, New Angeles City Hall means you won't ever get tagged, which also counters The All-Seeing I combo

18 Sep 2015 aenimator

Why would you want to avoid tags when DLR requires you to be tagged? Also he will be just "tagged" by Paparazzi, there are no tags to be prevented apart from Account Siphon and Corp cards.

18 Sep 2015 magikot

@PeterCapObvious I didn't include them because I wanted the deck to be a bit more interactive with the corp player. Fall Guy and NACH make the deck completely passive beyond the single successful run to install the DLR.

@aenimator Because this deck wants to interact with the corp and not just be a passive mill deck, additional tags are risky for you to float. Paparazzi makes you tagged and immune to meat damage so it acts as your defense against decks like Butcher Shop. If a deck is running All Seeing I or Snatch and Grab, or is just rich enough to pay the tax to trash your resources, additional tags means that they can trash your protection and then still burn you away.

18 Sep 2015 saltytacopanda

I've seen a lot of Fisks floating around but this looks like one that might actually do something.

21 Sep 2015 Yubinshan

I really like this idea, but I'm struggling to overcome the weakness to The I.

Have you thought about Activist Support? It does the job of Paparazzi and also requires them to play multiple I to get you.

23 Sep 2015 Myriad

Only problem of Activist Support over Paparazzi is the lack of scorch protection. I agree, Activist is probably the answer to All Seeing I. But you need plascrete to prevent a scorch flatline. So you would have to make some room.

15 Oct 2015 TheAntsAreBack

@PeterCapObvious I'm not sure what you mean - How does #New Angeles Hall counter #All Seeing I? Doesnt the Paparazzi tag mean you are always tagged?

17 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

@TheAntsAreBack that's very true. I did place my orignal comment a while back and didn't really think about what I was saying xD

Though I will still back the idea of Fall Guy should they try to trash resources