Malia Z0L0K4

♦ Malia Z0L0K4 1[credit]

Asset: Bioroid
Trash: 3
Influence: 1

When you rez this asset, choose 1 installed non-virtual resource.

The chosen resource loses its printed abilities.

A Model G21V Tracker, Malia Z0L0K4 excels at locating assignments and subduing them.
Illustrated by Nasrul Hakim
Decklists with this card

The Devil and the Dragon (tdatd)

#69 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-03-15

    ANCUR UFAQ 22 [Michael Boggs]

    What happens if Malia is derezzed and then rezzed again?

    Once Malia is derezzed, its ability is no longer active. When it is rezzed again, only the resource chosen for the most recent trigger is blank.

    If the Corp chooses a resource for Malia that is hosting cards or tokens, what happens to the hosted objects?

    Nothing. Hosted objects are only removed via card abilities or if the host card becomes uninstalled.

    The Corp plays an MCA Informant, hosting it on one of the Runner's connections. What happens if the Corp then rezzes Malia and blanks the host connection?

    The Runner can still trash the connection by using the ability granted by the MCA Informant condition counter. Malia blanks the connection's text box, but it does not stop other cards or abilities from giving the connection new text.

    Can the Corp rez Malia after the Runner installs a Liberated Account to stop them from taking credits off of it?

    Yes. There is a paid ability window after each action taken by a player, so the Corp has a chance after Liberated Accounts is installed to rez Malia.

    Can the Corp rez Malia after the Runner installs a Fall Guy to stop them from using the Fall Guy to gain 2?

    In the paid ability window after the Runner installs Fall Guy, the Runner is the first player to receive priority, so they will be able to immediately use Fall Guy if they choose. If they pass priority without using Fall Guy, then the Corp receives priority and can rez Malia.

    The Corp is playing NBN: Controlling the Message and uses Malia to blank Power Tap. If the Runner then runs and trashes Malia, does the trace initiated by Controlling the Message trigger the Power Tap?

    Yes. As soon as Malia's ability is no longer active, the chosen resource becomes unblanked, so its abilities are active even during the resolution of abilities that trigger from trashing Malia.

    How does Malia interact with Councilman?

    The abilities on these two cards have the same trigger condition, so the player whose turn it is when Malia is rezzed resolves their card first. This can result in the following interactions:

    • If it is the Runner's turn, and they use Councilman to derez Malia, then Malia is no longer active and its ability will not resolve.
    • If it is the Corp's turn, and they use Malia to blank the text box of Councilman, its ability is no longer active and will not resolve.
    • If it is the Corp's turn, and they use Malia to blank the text box of another Runner card, the Runner can then derez Malia with Councilman. Although the card chosen for Malia will end up unblanked, it still has its text blank for a brief moment of time between ability resolutions. For example, if the Runner has cloud programs installed, and Malia momentarily blanks a card providing link such as Maxwell James, then the Runner's installed programs could exceed their available MU. The Runner will have to trash programs immediately before Councilman is able to resolve, as the MU requirement does not wait for the timing steps of resolving Councilman's ability to complete.

Malia is a strong card. There are many possible scenarios that Malia works fantastically, but let's talk about economy resources. Especially Liberated Account and Daily Casts.

Runners who want money use these cards. So all runners use these cards.

But why not Armitage Codebusting? Six-time Magnum Opus, with 4 less credits. And it's neutral! Every runner can Armitage, and must Armitage!

The thing is, the rule of this game already gave you somewhat useful-and infinite-economy: click for credits.

1 credit/click. You can always do this. Every other economy cards should be MUCH better than this ratio.

Dumb calculation. You can net 11 credits from Armitage. (12 minus 1) Sounds cool. What did it cost? Everything...... 1 click to draw, 1 click to install, 6 clicks to get all credits on Armitage. Result: 8 clicks for 11 credits. 1.375 credit/click. (Why am I calling it 'Dumb' calculation? Because some smart people always argue that 'draw' should be less than 1 click... but I don't care because I'm dumb.)

So why not armitage? 1.375 credit/click sucks. And spending eight freakin clicks for 1.375 credit/click really sucks.

So why Liberated? It's 10/6, 1.67 credit/click, and pays you back quite fast. So why Daily Cast? It's 5/2, 2.5 credit/click. You must wait for it, but ratio is just fantastic.

...and now Malia kicks in....

Case one. Runner doesn't care about their kidnapped economy. Well nice, You just spent 6(3) credit and one click and one card for nothing but my kidnap-bioroid. Yum Yum.

Case two. Runner tries to get back their economy paying some ransom. Another dumb math time. Liberated? (10-3)/(6+1), 1 credit/click. Dailiy Cast? (5-3)/(2+1), 0.67 credit/click.

Wow, it becomes more ridiculous with some ice and upgrades. Sometimes runner should forget about their past,-and be hard at work, click for credits, otherwise they'll-have to click for removing tags.

Thus, I like Malia as an asset form of Economic Warfare. But it baits run, rather than requires run.

(Downfall era)
I love the phrase, "Kidnapped Economy." I also like your math, as I calculate my costs the same way. Just ignore those haters who don't count draw as cost! :P —

If you are using the standard Click = Card = Credit, then Liberated Accounts is a terrible card too. It costs 12 resource units to get back sixteen. Ask anyone who draws Liberated Accounts with 0 in the bank what they think about its efficiency.