Safety First

♦ Safety First 0[credit]

Resource: Directive - Virtual
Influence: 3

Your maximum hand size is reduced by 2.

When your turn ends, draw 1 card if you do not have cards in your grip equal to or greater than your maximum hand size.

The First Directive forbids a bioroid from harming, or through inaction allowing harm to befall, a human being.
Illustrated by Timur Shevtsov
Decklists with this card

Data and Destiny (dad)

#44 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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All of Adam's directives are interesting. They offer interesting downsides, paired with some really strong upsides. I know this one has gotten a lot of internet-flack, since it forces Adam to start the game with a max hand-size small enough to die to a single Scorched Earth. But even so, I really feel like this directive is the one most likely to be exported into other decks, for a couple of reasons:

  • First, the effect is generally useful. Free, clickless card-draw is something almost any deck wants. You can even turn it off if you don't want it, just by letting your hand fill up.
  • Second, the downside is probably the most easily mitigated of all of the directives. There are quite a few cards now that give the runner extra hand-size. Public Sympathy, Brain Cage, [Origami](/en/card/06074]... even Theophilius Bagbiter, if you want to get crazy.

The biggest issue is, of course, the influence cost - 3 is pretty steep. For decks that want to cycle cards quickly though, that may well be worth it.

Special mention here goes to Apex - it seems like a particularly good fit for him, since it's a virtual resource (so he can actually use it) and his ID ability is fairly card-hungry.

(Data and Destiny era)

The second most often imported directive, after Find the Truth. Providing clickless draw and the "price" to pay is just to reduce your hand size a bit, for which you can build your deck around.

For Adam players, this goes hand in hand with Brain Chip, allowing you to get draw from a hand that is getting bigger as the game progresses.

Outside of Adam, this pairs well if you intend to use Marrow, T400 Memory Diamond, Hippocampic Mechanocytes or Supercorridor, all of which increase you hand size.

It fit nicely with Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind, which want to have a low number of cards in hand. Even if makes it more likely to be flatlined by damage.

However, it does not go well with any Core Damage. So, using Basilar Synthgland 2KVJ, Ghosttongue, Zenit Chip JZ-2MJ, Light the Fire! or Begemot is not recommanded with Safety First, since you can flatline yourself from a negative handsize.

The art is one of the best in the Adam card pool, really evoking the feeling of safety first. Same goes for the quote. And the effect of the card is perfectly matched with the name, art and quote. This is how it should be. Astounding design.

(Parhelion era)