Lab Dog

Lab Dog 2[credit]

Ice: Trap
Strength: 0
Influence: 2

[subroutine] The Runner trashes an installed piece of hardware. Trash Lab Dog.

"Remember those FCC regulations about not creating harmful interference? No? Ah, before your time, I guess." -Cailan Heinrich, Senior Programmer
Illustrated by Liiga Smilshkalne
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Chrome City (cc)

#52 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Chrome City

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A terrible piece of ice.

The target audience for this card would be the ever popular Kate deck. The corp would play this with high hopes of trashing a prepaid voicepad or a console. However the likely outcome is that shaper nonsense will come in to play and enable the runner to find a decoder to cheaply crack this ice.

To add to this, when the subroutine fires it is the runners choice what hardware is trashed. The only time this card will be of any use will be in early play - to guarantee a high chance of drawing this early the corp must then have 3 in the arsenal. I would not like to be drawing this card into my HQ later in the game.

(Chrome City era)
What is the runner supposed to do with a corroder in this scenario? —
I meant *decoder —
I meant *decoder —
I´m sure you just made a mistake here. You´ll need an AI breaker for this one. Way better!! —
A decoder does nothing to stop this Ice's subroutine from triggering because it's not a Barrier Ice. You'd need to SMC out an AI breaker to break it or a parasite to just outright kill it. If you run Architect or Crick you can keep getting this back out of the bin if they don't break it. The cheapest way to get rid of it is to SMC or clone chip a parasite out. Getting any AI program out to deal with this is expensive unless you're running Wyrm and nobody runs Wyrm. —
Not sure what kind of runner decks you're playing, but Weyland would love this card! Most runners have a copy or two of plascrete carapace and maybe a console. Weyland is okay hitting either of these. Also, since they don't want to see it until they have double scorched in hand, they probably only need to run 2. Even trashing a memchip to force the runner to burn a program is fine. —
against anarch: burns console. against crim: burns console/plascrete. against shaper: burns clone chip/unnecessary MU. 2/3 hit rate ain't bad —
No idea what I was on about when I posted this! —
Eats Sifr for dinner —