Corporate Shuffle

Corporate Shuffle 0[credit]

Operation: Double
Influence: 2

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend [click].

Shuffle all cards in HQ into R&D. Draw 5 cards.

The only thing worse than being fired and replaced by a younger, cheaper worker? Being replaced by an android.
Illustrated by Agri Karuniawan
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Double Time (dt)

#113 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Double Time

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When you think of what this card is for -- safely drawing a new hand of cards -- it really means it saves you from agenda flood without having a risky archives. It allows you to survive in a heavy Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor/Fisk Investment Seminar meta where you find yourself with 10 card hands just a little too often. It lefts you save cards you want for later while getting new cards now -- perhaps giving you time to set up the combo you put the other cards in your deck for. Or is lets you recover gracefully after a Lily Lockwell or Panic Button is used to flood HQ to hide agendas among the chaff still in R&D.

But it doesn't give you time to USE the your cards. And if you want to make use of any of your 5 new cards you can't really make use of any of the one you had before. That's the real cost of the Double in this case. Double means you are now stuck making a choice: Do I need to use ANY 1 of the cards I have now or do I want to make sure I can use ANY 1 of the 5 cards I will draw?

Note, if you are just using this to draw cards in your deck you may want to swap out for Anonymous Tip so you have more clicks to use the cards. This is not just Quality Time for corp, and you really wouldn't want it if that's all it did.

(Data and Destiny era)
Now that Equivocation and HQ Flooding is a thing, this card could see more play. It probably won't, but man, could you just imagine it? As the Corp, you get hit for 13 Dyper + Equivocation runs, and now your hand is flooded with 19 cards. The runner sits smugly across from you, thinking they have the game in the bag, but you play Corporate Shuffle, and the runner's jaw drops as you laugh maniacally! —

Never saw much use since Jackson Howard was more versatile, cost less influence, and could waste the runner's clicks making runs on him. Totally supplanted now by Special Report, which is similar but not a double, and lets you hang on to cards you want. RIP in peace

(Martial Law era)
The one thing Corporate Shuffle does that Special Report does not is fight the never-got-off-the-ground tactic of Fisk and Fisk Investment "flood HQ and make them take bad choices." Special report still makes you pitch out cards at the end of the turn if you were forced by the runner to overdraw by 4 or more. —
It can also draw additional cards. Let's say your hand is 2 Agendas, Corporate Shuffle will not only get them out, but also net you 3 cards. —
It's better in very niche cases, but in most cases Special Report is just going to be better. Unless we get into a Fisk meta, there's just no reason to play this card when Special Report exists. —