By Any Means us a bad card, disguised as a good card.

Timmy had no success in Netrunner, because piloting always counters him.

Alone, the card need : - itself - 2c - a run - a draw to recover from the damage.

Having I've had worse in hand is rolling a dice to prevent the draw cost.

In the end, the card needs at least a clic or two of support, to trash one card from the corp. You're better with Maw, since that trash is random.

Avoid by any means, when played in a non-combo. Other than that, well, it's a card.



With Chief Slee you can field the wonderfull Burke's Bug combo A.K.A the combo that's like "oh noes what did I build combo" and then "that exactly what I planned to do : losing, LOL".

That's why she's smiling at the corp ID I guess.

Additional gold acheivements if played with Tsurugi, Pup, Komainu, Inazuma, Brainstorm...

Data Ward. —
Data Ward is great. I'm using her in RP and result is bumping outermosts is a no-no. —
Macrophage. No one wants to break a 7 strength that may not actually do anything. easy four counters. —