MCA Informant can (at the time of writing) be installed on Corporate Troubleshooter. This is very, very bad. The runner has a permanent tag until they run and trash the combo... So, as usual, a HB card means NBN wins again.

I KNEW IT that this Connection subtype is there for a REASON! —
Wow, it's even somewhat official: <>. That's a rather painful miss during card design. —
I don't think it is an omission. Since it is terminal, the Corp still has to wait one whole turn before he blasts the Runner to bits. The combo itself is fascinating, though I have my doubts if it is balanced and makes sense thematically. —
Oh jeez everyone is overreacting like crazy. Runner has an entire turn to deal with this, and it's not like a single tag is the end of the world all the time. —

Like Gabe, but less likely to earn you a consistent income. I feel Los only has relevance against a well-executed glacier deck, whilst running Gabe only requires HQ accesses, so a lot less dependency on the way the corp plays.