Bigger Wu. . . Better Wu? First at ECG - Opener '22!!

maninthemoon 270

I love playing this deck. I have revised and built upon what I took to worlds.

First if you are wondering "why 62 cards"? You have 23 cards you don't want to see in the opening hand, you don't want to cut, or draw early/in most matchups. SO play a bunch of "more generally useful/early game" cards. Wu means you aren't as punished for playing a bigger deck because you can alway have the programs you need whenever you want.

It plays fast and loose! Get rich, know your opponents windows and play some solid netrunner.

This deck is a bit complicated to pilot, but I'll lay out a bit of what I focus on.

Try to thin your deck a much a possible (use Wu ability as much as possible) this helps keep you from drawing programs.

Force Ice rez to delay the corp. I will often face check 3 servers to delay the corp the 1-2 turns I need to get my winning DD off. Obviously this depends on the situation (corps money/are they Yellow)

1-2 Deep dive is you game closing plan. Try to score a few points earlier from HQ, R&D or checking early remotes with mayfly.

Cards includes:

LtF seems weak in 62 cards but PD is the worst matchup and if it can win a game here of there it seems worth it. LMK if you have something better for the 2 influence.

Clot, just play it if you are shaper

MKUltra is there to break drafter, I can't seem to beat PD without it. I tried lot's fo different things I know it sucks vs like all the other ice because everyone is teched for MaxX, but breaking drafter is critical. You can just be rich or avoid other sentries people play. Honestly Bukhgalter means that number is very small XD

Only 1x OotA to quote someone on Itinerant Pro Testers "second click DD is overrated"

DZMZ gives you a lot of sustaining power vs purple with Aesops + MKUltra

Use Spec Work on MK, Clippy or Harbinger for solid tempo (and deck thinning.)

Citadel Sanctuary is your best bet for clearing house or punitive, also helps you crush the CTM matchup.

Earthrise was one of my last includes, but taking the deck from 60 to 62 cards was well worth the additional ease of draw. The deck just clicks along much better.

Also little note for my card choices and deck building strategy, I wanted to have a few dead draws as possible and because of that have only 2 redundant cards in the whole deck Aesops 2 and 3 (though as a high priority target they sometimes even see play)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Emerald City Grid - Circuit Opener '22!! It was a blast and Big Thanks to @Radiant for hosting such a great event!

28 Apr 2022 Baa Ram Wu

This looks like excellent fun!!

Re. LTF - I wonder if 2x Polop would be as good and a little more consistent in a large deck setting!

I would love to see a flame out or 2 (I guess just one based on your dead draw deck building philosphy) 10c (with Aesops) that works well with mayfly, bin breakers and SMC seems too good!

28 Apr 2022 maninthemoon

Thanks @Baa Ram Wu

2x Polop might be the way to go, that's a good idea. It does more then just kill void too :)

Thoughts on Flame out: I used to play 2-3 but ended up cutting them. They are 2 real credits for 9 less useful credits. This is a great deal if you would be spending real credit on those things anyways, but often found I wasn't. Examples: SMC with Overclock is very common, If you use bin breakers from the heap you have to pay the install cost an extra time to use the Flameout credits.

In the perfect world they are phenomenal, you can Wu your bin breakers out and run with them they get auto trashed no need to over install and once it's empty you can sell it to Aesops. But honestly with how fast the games are installing Flame out almost always felt like a tempo hit. My money cards are 4-6 credits per click. With the speed of competitive games I only get Aesops about 50% of the time. I usually have plenty of Aesops targets and in general Flameout just didn't feel consistent enough.

If you like/use the card more then I do try playing 1-2 I think it could be very powerful. I just didn't find it assisting my play style enough.

28 Apr 2022 Cooker

So you went to Worlds with 55 cards and are now up to 62? How big will this be next time?! As a shaper main and Wu fan, I want to try this out! Whenever I think about running Deep Dive, I always want to include Gebrselassie... then again, I always want to include Gebrselassie...

30 Apr 2022 maninthemoon

@Cooker Gebrselassie is a fun card, I couldn't ever quite fine a spot for it. How do you like to use the card? Engolo?

30 Apr 2022 SMITTYL

@maninthemoon I think 99 cards is the next goal :)

1 May 2022 Cooker

@maninthemoon Engolo is a good fit for it, but since you can attach it to any icebreaker, you can make the game time decision. In general, maybe something like Engolo, but if there are a few barriers or sentries stacked on top of each other, you can just throw it on your fracter or killer instead! I used it in a deck that I tried to have to boost strength as little as possible. So I would have Puffer on a Leprechaun and Study Guide so my Gebrselassie usually ended up on my Laamb or Ankusa. Once I get everything set up I could get in pretty much anywhere for just a few credits! Unfortunately the corp meta was fast enough at the time that I usually lost by then lol