[STARTUP+] Really High Profile Target

Larrea 47

Part of a series of 15 decks made as an introduction to Vesper's Startup Plus format where you can bring one Standard card and one Standard ID into your startup deck. This time, R+ is bringing High-Profile Target.

This deck's got one plan: Kill with High Profile Target. That's it. It also packs Snare! for the bit of spice + It's great in Reality Plus.

25 Apr 2022 m.p

How are you going to stick the 3+ tags until your turn? If you luckily get 2 public trails, you still need at least 1 more tag for a kill, so the runner has to be either dumb and end their turn with less than 4 cards in hand/a tag or they have to be broke...

26 Apr 2022 Larrea

HPT kills are considered trivial and left as an exercise for the reader