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In startup, Supercorridor is my favorite sleeper card. The format is slow enough zzzz that you can keep pace with the corp and build boardstates at the same time. Contest early scores with Mayfly and keep up the economy and pressure while the corp make moves. If you make it to the endgame, you're golden w/ Stargate and Khusyuk as closers. The money in this deck is fat stacks and there's still some wiggle room with inf if opiates aren't your thing. -1 Tranq, +1 Clot, +1 Tread Lightly would be a good move too, it's a meta call. Long live Shaper pot smokers.

But real talk, forget all that noise ^^

The real game here is Lat + Supercorridor = M I N I G A M E S. Plan your turns, get paid, draw cards, and show your opponent you mean business. Will they make a misplay because they are trying to get out of Supercorridor or Lat draw range? No, not likely, don't count on it. But does it feel good when you hit the Double Hearts Jackpot :tm: and clicklessly draw a card and gain 2 buckets?! You betcha. Now take that cash to the bank to pay off your other gambling debts, you degenerate.

With <3 from enkoder

2 Apr 2022 ArminFirecracker

Well played. Congrats on the win!

2 Apr 2022 bowlsley

3 DZMZ and a Supercorridor? Phew!

4 Apr 2022 ArchLizard

Nice and amazing post this one is, thanks for sharing…

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