Lat'n'roll (#5, 2-2 IPT Tournament)

lostgeek 1806

Taste the rainbow

With Salvage Memories bringing so many fun old tools, I decided to give my pet archetype another spin: SMC-less Shaper!

The idea is to have enough draw in your deck to be able to contest the remote by simply drawing into your breakers fast enough. In this case, Pelangi does most of the heavy lifting. Draw into any one of your breaker and you'll get into a one-iced remote easily. If you find a Euler, you'll often even be able to get into more ice, since code gates are very prevalent in the current meta.

The draw is handled by 3x Diesel, 3x Deuces Wild, 3x Dirty Laundry, 3x Spec Work in combination with 3x Aniccam together with Lats ID ability. This is often enough to provide a steady stream of events and tools.

Economically, this deck is insane. Even without the PPVP, the deck chugs along nicely, so that Misdirection isn't even needed against HHN or SEA-Scorched decks. And once you reach the bottom of your stack, you play a HART for a mix of econ options, programs / recursion, Indexing, and the other copy of HART you probably discarded and get a final insane econ boost that should help you close out games.

Don't make the mistake of mulliganing for PPVP. The deck is strong enough without them and drawing into them will only accelerate your game plan. Look for a strong interactive hand instead with some Dirty Laundries / Bravados and some breaking solution.

20 Jan 2021 Xandorius

Heya! I like the list!

Do you find Indexing to be enough multi-access without any other source? And do you find that you get a Spec Work target quickly enough so that they don't clutter your hand?

20 Jan 2021 Diogene

@lostgeek I really like your deck. This seems to go blazing fast! I'll give it a spin for sure.

Recently, I've been experimenting with the 3 events in a shaper deck : Khusyuk, The Maker's Eye and Indexing. Of the 3, Khusyuk was the most powerful, but late game. Indexing was nice to sometime score, but I found it more useful to setup the game of the corp while getting info on what the corp will get for the next 2-4 turns. The Maker's Eye is just it's usual good self.

I will try to replace one Indexing for one Khusyuk, since you are sporting Harmony AR Therapy. I'll tell you how it went after.

Also, here is a good advice that Pinkwarrior gave me : 1x Legwork win a lot of game for shapers. I think it would be worth it to replace 1x Lucky Find for 1x Legwork.

@Xandorius has a great question about Spec Work, because I was wondering the same thing. For super draw, wouldn't Earthrise Hotel give you more, even with the cost?

Thanks for sharing the deck. If it look fun, you're doing it right!

20 Jan 2021 Longi

Hey man, I really like this deck. Although I am not a shaper player, I became intrigued when I faced you when plaing the first version of this deck, so I had to build my own version based on your idea. It was blast to play it, thanks.

20 Jan 2021 bowlsley

@Diogene Diesel, Spec Work and Deuces will draw 30 cards of your deck on their own, assuming you have Aniccam out when you do, and will make you money on the way too. By comparison, 12 credits (none of which can be paid for by PPVP) for 18 cards doesn't seem as good a deal. Maaaaybe if you put Career Fair in, along with Daily Casts and a couple more targets for the former it might make for a better deal, but then you've heavily cut the number of events in your deck, making the whole build weaker as a result.

As for Spec Work targets, between two of the breakers having natural expiry points and Pelangi running out of tokens, there are plenty of targets for it, IMO. In the worst case scenario you throw down a Pelangi or Ika immediately and then trash it straight away, but more often than not it's simply better to hold on to it and wait for the correct situation to appear. It doesn't usually take long.

(I've been running the same kind of deck out of Kit for the tournament, so I've gotten pretty used to the archetype)

21 Jan 2021 lostgeek

@Xandorius Yeah, with up to 5 Indexings using HART, there's pretty much always enough pressure to get at least to game point. The rest will be found either through single accesses on HQ or more often one contest on the scoring remote.

And Spec Work typically has enough targets in this deck: used up Ladies, Euler, Pelangi, even a fall-back Ika. That was typically enough for me to be able to consistently use it. If Spec Works end up cluttering up your hand, try to be more aggressive with Pelangi usages.

@Diogene I don't like Khuysuk very much, because of its upper limit. You'll either find 1 agenda or 0, whereas Indexing can get you much higher yield. That means that with Khuysuk often in the most important turns, it will whiff on you...

Legwork is a fine option though, if you find your 5 Indexings not getting you the win consistent enough (like when low agenda density decks are frequent).

And regarding Earthrise, I agree with @bowlsley here. The deck is already chock full of draw and another upside of this deck is that you can easily go tag-me against non-kill opponents. Earthrise and Daily Casts would make that less viable.

@Longi That's great to hear :)

22 Jan 2021 Diogene

@lostgeek in your deck, Khusyuk is not worth it. Here is my take on it :

That was before I saw your argument for Spec Work.

Note that one copy of The Maker's Eye would give you more leverage. Since, with Indexing, you need to be able to come back.

You deck and my rework were fun to play. They both felt fast paced and reactive. Keep on posting those good decks. Thanks.

24 Jan 2021 ValkyriezGaming

@lostgeekI've also been enjoying this list. I played it 304 times as is before I made some questionable changes, its a very fun list. I didn't think much of lady before, but Lady with Pelangi is really efficient if limited. Early game though it will get you in any single iced server pretty cheaply.