PPVP Kit - 1-3 at IPT Tournament

bowlsley 159

Why this deck is good - PPVP with Lucky Find/Sure Gamble/Dirty Laundry/Deuces makes you a lot of money. Aniccam draws extra cards for you whilst you gain that value. Euler is cheap and gets into servers for almost nothing, especially with Pelangi. You can sell both of those two with Spec Work next turn after they've served their usefulness. Compile is great and I will hear no bad words about it.

Why this deck is bad - I played a lot of CtM and I suck against CtM. Also, when your rig is small but you still need 2-3 pieces of it to really get the ball rolling, the gods of variance will frown on you. There doesn't quite feel like enough money in it. Bravado would be excellent in Kit, but alas, 10 influence. Sometimes you really need your Imp and so you Compile it out of the stack and now it's stuck there on the bottom of your deck for the rest of the game. You fool, you utter dunce.

19 Jan 2021 114141

No SMC is spicy. having Indexing and Khusyuk to recure with HART seems pretty good.

I'd probably cut 1 Compile for a SMC to also be able to shuffle your stack, if that's a problem.

20 Jan 2021 bowlsley

I think the Moddeds are first for the chopping board if you're thinking of making cuts, though I was tending towards casts since there aren't any more econ events in faction. A token SMC is a good idea though.