Diogene 900

All neutral. No faction cards. The ID is blank, since currents are banned. Funny thing, it still work!

Just change the Launch Campaign for Mumba Temple.


Simple plan. Ice up like a glacier. Score behind 3+ ices. Put pressure with TechnoCo and Financial Collapse.

Economy is pretty good here, with 6 agendas, 9 assets and 9 operations bringing in credits (that is half of the deck).

Lady Liberty is the fast advance and Conundrum is pretty taxing (5 against Engolo).

The aim was to make a blank and neutral corp. That is the jank. Being successful with this deck give you a special feeling of achievement :-).

3 Jan 2021 Sanjay

This is a very cool deck and I've been loving all the decklists you've been posting lately!

3 Jan 2021 Diogene

Thanks @Sanjay. This "neutral" deck is a hoot to play.

I'm also retesting my "Debutante" serie of decks for beginners. It is a lot of fun.

5 Jan 2021 ctz


Love it.

5 Jan 2021 Diogene

@ctz That a cool name. On top of it, it underline the plain aspect of the current name of the deck... in a better way :-) . Soon to be published, a serie of decks with only in-faction cards, no neutral cards, no influence.