Mirror with just 6 Agendas (40th at worlds)

ArminFirecracker 133

Worked pretty well against Leela. The runner needs to steal usually 3 out of 6 agendas. That gives some time.

The little trick here is: The Vanity can be scored with a full MCA and a Red Level Clearance from Hand.

The deck lost me only one game :)

18 Oct 2020 Krasty

How you can use RLC in that combo? Install is "non-agenda"!

19 Oct 2020 Vale

@Krasty I think it just uses RLC to meet MirrorMorph's condition, like:

  1. RLC, gain 2 credits and gain a click, 3 clicks left
  2. Install VP, 2 clicks left
  3. Advance VP, 1 click left
  4. MirrorMorph click, pop MCA, 5 clicks left
  5. to 9. Advance VP and score
19 Oct 2020 5N00P1

@Vale but Vanity is a 6/4 and you only explain 5 clicks.

22 Oct 2020 ArminFirecracker

Fast advancing a Vanity works like this:

  1. Red Level Clearance, gain a click (and something else)
  2. Trigger MCA, gain 4 clicks
  3. Install Vanity
  4. Advance Vanity (Mirror Morph Click) 5 clicks remain for advancing

With Biotic Labor, it would even be possible to do it with a MCA with 2 counters or fetch the agenda with Fast Track. But I was running into credits problems like that.

31 Oct 2020 Diogene

@ArminFirecracker Why one Rime and one Rainbow? Why not 2 Rime? It seems to me that you could leverage Rime more with 2, on even 3 if you take out the Vanilla. This is a very nice deck, I like the trick of GFI and VP, very nice.