ICE: Mythic • Rez: 0 • Strength: 0 • Influence: 0

During runs on this server, you can rez this ice any time you could rez non-ice cards.

Each piece of ice protecting this server has +1 strength.

subroutine The Runner loses 1credit.

Neutral • N. Hopkins • Downfall 65
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No MWL Entries for this card.

  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    When can Rime be rezzed?

    Rime’s ability means that it can be rezzed in paid ability windows that allow the Corp to rez assets and upgrades, not just the special paid ability window while it is being approached. It cannot be rezzed during paid ability windows that don’t allow rezzing non-ice cards, most notably the paid ability window during an encounter.

    Can the Corp rez Rime with the ability on Architects of Tomorrow?

    No. Rime is not a bioroid.

    Can the Corp rez Rime when they could rez Tyr’s Hand or Zaibatsu Loyalty?

    No. Rime can be rezzed during paid abilities where ice cannot normally be rezzed. It does not apply to special rez abilities from other cards.


Small and innocent looking but honestly quite a beastly card. You install this in a huge scoring remote and make the ice in it stronger. Combos extremely well with Jinja City Grid,Surveyor and Mti Mwekundu. You can also rez this during any paid ability window. So no worries if you have this as your last ice with 3 others in front of it, just flip it right away. And as icing on the cake it is a mini Pop-up Window. Has potential to make glacier an even bigger powerhouse. It does die instantly to Chisel though.

(System Core 2019 era)
It doesn't die instantly to chisel. It'll be str gets boosted by its own ability. —
I think the real problem with this card is the install cost, which to be fair, you already mentioned using Jinja City Grid to offset this. Without Jinja though, even at a rez cost of 0, you almost have to think that you've actually paid X whereas X is the number of ICE on the server that is not Rime (since Rime increases the install cost of subsequent ICE by 1 for each ICE). Then, you have to ask yourself, is +1 Strength for each ICE valuable? Eh... probably. Although in some circumstances, it won't matter, such as when a runner's breaker would need to be boosted anyway, but there is leftover Strength. I suppose the reverse situation (+1 Str requiring a second boost) is true as well though. —