Knifey Spooney

dasher 70


So, I reckon that this deck should win more than it does, but it is inconsistent as buggery. For some reason key cards keep going missing in games - I mean its a bit hard to break double or triple ICEd servers if your Pelangis are buried in the last 10 cards of the deck... or the same for your Gordians... or the same for your Rezekis, but it seems to keep happening.

However, if the Jnet Shuffling Gods are kind to you, and you manage to get setup, it is brutal. The Rezeki, Artist, Pro Co, Cyberdelia econ engine is a gift that just keeps on giving. My record is ending a game with 117 credits.

Your ideal opening hand includes Pro Co, The Artist and a Gamble. Then draw to your hearts content, and install your stuff at a discount. Don't be afraid to install the Gordian before your Dinosaurus arrives, and use Rejig to host it for the cost of a click and no creds.