Never sleep SM II (MWL 2.2)

Chiphead404 117

Not sure if this deck is more sadistic or masochistic. Advance traps and agendas in your remotes, force the runner with Hangeki to face them and hope they will take the -1 if you lead them to the agenda or access if it's a trap. Try to kill them with Philotic while they have too many agendas, Fan Sites and Hangeki in their scoring area.

23 Aug 2018 TokaysAX

Really cool deck! I have been thinking about Saraswati lists… Do you think Otoroshi isn't worth the slot?

27 Aug 2018 Chiphead404

@TokaysAX: Your cards in a remote has already 2 or 3 Tokens on it. Not sure if additional 3 really makes sense. If Otoroshi triggers, the runner has to access a card with 5-6 tokens - unless he has absolutely no idea or a very good reason, he won't access a potential Junebug. He will lose 3 credits, that's all. But because it's mind game at all, it maybe works and you can easily score your SSL.