Mti Python and the Holy Grail

Mechanoise 1570

Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

So MTI is a really interesting ID, and I don't think it's escaped people's minds as to the damage Cortex Lock could do. As this identity excites me to the level of wanting to make it my pet project for a while I thought I'd share what I've been playing around with.

Grail feels like a natural fit, having a "Do 2 Net Damage", "Trash a Program" and "End the Run" set of subroutines available for any of the 3 main ICE types, to drop at a moment's notice, forces the Runner to have all of their breakers on the board before they can be sure of a safe run; and obviously the Marcus Batty is there to end the run or Rig Shoot as required.

The whole goal of the deck is to rush, so I've tried to keep the Econ high in supporting the ICE, though I really wish I could add another NGO without compromising the deck. Shipment from Tennin is perfect for the rush style, and with the potential of Batty + Cortex lock kill I have left a Nisei MK II on the board in an open server, comfortable that the Runner won't contest it turn 1 and I can Shipment it out the next turn.

Navi Mumbai City Grid is an MVP here, more so than I thought. It's not unique, and it blocks use of major problem cards against this deck: SMC, Sac Con, Pirate, D4V1D, Surfer, Maxwell James, etc.

Employee Strike is a problem, but then I'd figure you'd play like regular Glacier Jinteki until you can score and clear it.

Against the Anarch breakers, it's interesting, as Rig Shooting only sets them back a bit. Maybe it's worth replacing Navi with Ark Lockdown in places, but with Grail and Shipment having to be held in hand I'm worried about adding more cards that you need to store in HQ until the right time.

Typically you will only ever build 1 scoring remote, as you want to avoid the Runner farming Yusuf and Aumakua counters, (and to keep Shipment from Tennin on).

So far it's been doing well, and I'm going to keep evolving this. I'd be interested to see what ways this could be improved.

7 Jun 2018 BobAloVskI

I made an mti deck with the exact same agenda spread, econ, Marcus Batty and 17 ICE. I had no idea what to spend the influence on. I came to netrunnerdb for inspiration and I found it here. The grail suite seems like a perfect fit. And Navi Mumbai City Grid solves many problems as you mentioned.

I'm assuming Chiyashi is there for anti AI. How are you finding that? Is it too expensive for the deck?

7 Jun 2018 Mechanoise

@BobAloVskI I’m glad this could provide Inspiration :) yeah I feel Grail fits so nicely, to drop a program trashing barrier or code gate or sentry with additional damage and run ending abilities is so nice.

I feel there’s some tweaks available to sure up it’s really problematic weaknesses against certain archetypes, so I’m excited to see what direction people take it.

Chiyashi is there to be anti AI in some respects, and to provide a huge piece of ice to force the runner through to constantly check jammed cards, plus it has an ETR.

Money wise, I feel there is enough-ish, but it’s a constant play to understand the balance of money you’re on average going to have. Celebrity Gift has been a lifesaver, and I’m totally cool with flashing all 3 main grail cards, it sometimes keeps the runner back for a while.

Good luck with the deck :) have fun.

8 Jun 2018 mathandlove

We've been working on a similar deck in Colorado. Try adding 3xAiki over Chiyashi and 3xBlacklist for a fun Anarch matchup.

8 Jun 2018 Mechanoise

@mathandloveOh that's cool, yeah I feel Chiyashi is worth tinkering with, but for me I like its punishing facecheck and ETR, also the drag it forces on the runner when you're attempting to drag them through the server over and over again.

Blacklist was definitely a thought for Anarchs, so please let me know how it went for you. I think I'll be slowly comparing this variant to more asset based stuff, or even traps.

8 Jun 2018 Two_EG

Hey, try Sand Storm. It's like Nisei token in your HQ XD

8 Jun 2018 CrimsonWraith

You get a like just for the quote. I opened with the same quote for a grail deck 3+ years ago and it didn't get the attention it deserved. xD

13 Jun 2018 Severijn

Lovely idea. I did this years ago out of chronos protocol and definitely got a couple of runners with the grail ice plus navi mumbai grid. Good solution for getting end the runs in each three main types.

Sand storm as suggested sounds hilarious, too.

13 Jun 2018 presheaf

I love the title, but I'd like to counterpropose one of my own: Knights Who Say MTI! In terms of actual card choices, I feel you should take advantage of being MTI and play more asset econ. Your econ suite makes sense in a corp which can't just drop naked assets on the table, but against MTI, trashing a Launch Campaign early means risking a Cortex Lock to the face, so it usually just ticks for the full 5 credits for me.

15 Jun 2018 EnderA

What changes would you make to help against Clan Vengeance?