Local Neural

Lttlefoot 1077

Give the runner 2 brain damage with cerebral overwriter. Then search for three neurals with localized. Now the runner can't run any more or they'll get flatlined. You also have the option of just scoring agenda points with the aid of biotic labor.

2 Sep 2016 Mechanoise

I respect the Jank.

Important to note that the Runner can still run, so long as they retain the 3 cards in hand. Remember it's damage 'beyond' the number of cards in hand that kills. This is where you may want to consider going down to 1 Localized Product Line and slotting Psychic Field, seeing as you have 6 agendas that you can install naked if you are a true bluffer!

I'd personally remove 1 or 2 NEXT Gold and swap it with Brainstorm if you're intent on landing that Brain Damage.

2 Sep 2016 Lttlefoot

This identity reduces the runner's max hand size by 1, so after the overwriter their hand size will only be 2.

2 Sep 2016 Mechanoise

@LttlefootI sit corrected! Shows how little I see this identity ;)

2 Sep 2016 SavageOne316

If I had 2 core sets, I'd play this today.

4 Sep 2016 Boogie

If you are really all about the flatline, fenris and heimdal 2 are pretty brain-damagey.

19 Nov 2016 Kitescreech

I found this very hard to actually GET 2 brain damage in the first place. My over writers got repeatedly trashed from R&D or HQ.