Spooky Cybernetics (Top Cybernetics Division US Nationals)

Boughner 245

This deck is fairly straightforward, but is more than meets the eye. The whole idea is to force them to run a sever with Batty installed and Viktor while you have a Defective Brain Chip installed. Between this, Self-Destruct Chips, and NEXT Gold, flatlining the runner is not exactly rocket science. However, this deck can actually do a lot of damage to decks that can't get Parasite online early. In the first round of nationals, I scored out on a Pre-paid Kate because she couldn't get a parasite and got locked out by NEXT Silver. Use these windows to score Self-Destruct Chips and you only need 1 or 2 other NEXT rezzed for a lethal Batty play off of a NEXT Gold. Gang Sign Leela is a tough match-up, but you just have to make her come steal your agendas. Don't let them sit in hand and don't be afraid to make her let you rez NEXT in return for giving her an agenda.

Overall, this deck went 3-2 at Nationals. I lost a Leela game and a really wonky Study Guide Kate game where she had all the money in the world. I beat two Pre-Paid Kates and a Chaos Theory. I dropped after 5 rounds to go explore other Gencon stuff, but overall, I was extremely pleased by this deck's performance.

18 Aug 2015 Daine

Love this deck. I was your 5th round opponent with the Study Guide and all the money in the world. Even still this deck was a beast to beat. Well done.

18 Aug 2015 Boughner

@Daine, I loved both out matches. Even though you swept me, I still look back at both those games as prime examples of why I love Netrunner. We were at a top 20 table playing Study Gudie Kate into Cybernetics. That's insane. Also, hitting 4 snares in one match feels just as bad as playing against a Study Guide when NEXT Bronze is your only Code Gate, in case you were curious. Great games! Hope you had fun the rest of the tourney!

18 Aug 2015 Sidkah

Was you sitting next to me one round? I was joking about playing Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded and was shocked that you actually played yours?

18 Aug 2015 Boughner

@Sidkah, Maybe? I joked in the 5th round with a guy saying I had no business being at the table I was at (I think I was up at 18 at that point) because I was playing Cybernetics. He said "Yeah, I'm playing I forget what he said I don't belong here either." But he was joking and playing NEH and seemed shocked that I wasn't joking about Cybernetics Division.

19 Aug 2015 Thike

I had given up on Cybernetics after my initial tests. You give me hope.

19 Aug 2015 Sidkah

@Boughner dude that was me lol. I played kate/NEH and joked around a lot. I was really surprised that you wernt joking at the time and congratulated you. You had glasses and a pink overshirt correct? I think lol

19 Aug 2015 moistloaf
20 Aug 2015 Boughner

@moistloaf, No, you don't really need it, and 4 to rez is a tad much for what you get. This deck's economy is really tight.

@Sidkah, Yeah, that was me! Such a fun day! I kind of wish I hadn't dropped because I think I could have won another game or two with Cybernetics, but my hotel had an open bar that night from 5:30-7:30, so I opted for that.

20 Aug 2015 Thike

Played a few games with this last night. Apparently, playing a psi game for 2 brain damage is pretty good.

21 Aug 2015 Lord_Reynardine

I've been heading towards this direction with my Cybernatics deck. Did you not miss a killshot? How many games do you win by flatline vs. scoring out?

21 Aug 2015 Boughner

@Lord_Reynardine, Everyone told me I was dumb for not playing Neural EMP, but I don't miss it at all. It is so hard to beat this deck with 1 card hand size, or less. At that point, you're one psi game, or two agendas away from death. I think the pressure from batty/Snare is a lot more consistent than Neural.

23 Aug 2015 JohnnyMilton

How would you feel about swapping your agenda suite for six 5/3s and a couple of Domestic Sleepers, and then subbing out the Snare!s for Punitive Counterstrikes?

23 Aug 2015 Boughner

@JohnnyMilton, I'd feel terrible. You will never have enough money to fire a punitive, and if you need to fire 2, then there's definitely no way. If one punitive would kill, why not just let the snare kill instead of letting them steal 3 points and ensuring there's pretty much no way you can actually score out just to get cheeky with stuff you won't have enough money for?

26 Aug 2015 Lord_Reynardine

Yeah, I tried the 5/3 Agenda Punitive build and I was ALWAYS too poor until the runner was at game point.