Supermedicalism - v2.0

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Bananifier 373

Initial Concept

Supermodernism scores tries to rush agendas, with the threat of killing the runner at every step. That explosive package is topped with a zest of program destruction to further pressure the runner into bad and worse choices.

I feel like the same archetype can be succesfully built out of Jinteki - and what else than Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer could be used to rush to victory?

I first tried a version of the deck with 2x Scorched Earth, but it was not the success I expected. The lack of influence really hurt the deck. The two Scorched Earth ate 8 points of influence and I never had enough money make a tag stick and finish off the runner.

This is a version with three-pointers only, and Punitive Counterstrike as a kill threat, with some net damage sources to erode the runner (Project Junebug, Tsurugi, Shi.Kyū).


All the ICE is end-the-run, except two of them. Inazuma gives a new chance to an already rezzed ICE (effectively forcing the runner to break both Inazuma and the next piece of ICE to get in a server), while #Grim eats programs (and goes well with the aforementioned Inazuma).

The point where I'm less comfortable is the number of pieces of ICE - 14 is quite on the low end, even for a deck of 44 cards.

Additional details

A Mushin No Shin'ed Reversed Accounts should do wonders, provided that the runner does not run it: it should enable an easy punitive counterstrike :p

I expect to try out this deck next thursday (November 20th, 2014), but any comment is welcome in the meantime!

19 Nov 2014 aermet69

Looks rather neat. I wonder if sacrificing the Archived Memories for 2x Green Level Clearence would do some work. It seems that you want to get stuff on the table before the runner gets ready. Perhaps also a second Chimera?

Have you considered Guard a one of your Sentries? The bypass protection is really good against Inside Job trying to counter Mushin No Shin.

19 Nov 2014 Bananifier

Swapping Archived Memories for Green Levels can work, but I really don't know what to cut. A Project Junebug, maybe...

Speaking of Guard, I totally forgot it existed! That's a great idea!

I think I'll do -1 Quandary, -1 Project Junebug, +2 Guard and see how it fares. I'll also try with the Green Level Clearance if I have the time.

19 Nov 2014 666Raziel

Though Utopia Fragment hasn't been released yet, what do you think about shifting the 3 Priority Requisitions for the 3 Fragments ?

Also, don't you think a third Shi Kyu is necessary when you are playing only three-pointers ?

19 Nov 2014 Bananifier

Utopia Fragment goes straight in the deck ;)

Considering the two other fragment, I'm not sure their usefulness is superior to the straight economic advantage given by PrioReq. There are 4 ICEs costing more than 4 creds in the deck, and there will be more high cost ICE if I include 2xGuards.

I did include the third Shi.Kyu in the initial draft, but deck space is quite hard to find :( What do you suggest I should swap out for a Shi.Kyu?

19 Nov 2014 666Raziel

I would swap the last Project Junebug. I don't like advancing trap without Trick of light as a back-up in case of exposure.

Regarding the Fragments I think Eden can help. I've never played this deck but I guess you're going to have more than 1 ICE per server. Besides I don't think Grim is the kind of ICE you want to rez with PrioReq.

Hades looked nice because of the recursion effect. But maybe an Intern instead of a Medical Research Fundraiser will do as well.

19 Nov 2014 Bananifier

Thank you for your feedback. I think I have to keep at least one 'dangerous to run' ambush in the deck, simply to punish overconfident runners.

I'll try with one of each three pointers, to see which one I prefer in practise.

21 Nov 2014 slevin38

Interesting build. I definitely would put in a Hades Fragment and a Utopia Fragment (once it is out). Hive would be great, but the influence is an issue. Maybe cut out the Archived Memories for a Hive?