Mad Tinkerer 65

I always like the bird breakers (Golden, Peregrine, Saker) but never really managed to make them work.

With system gateway came DZMZ Optimizer and now this deck works ... sometimes. Together with Khan: Savvy Skiptracer you get to install a program once per turn for 4 less.

Since this is a rather slow setup (installing all the programs and hardware are 10 without the breakers) you also need a way to get into servers early. Here Khan: Savvy Skiptracer has a really nice synergy with Inside Job. Once you pass the first ice you can instal Mayfly for free.

Other than that you want to run HQ and R&D just to get accesses since you have not really a win condition. But it's not unlikely that you can run them often for free (or only pay with Multithreader) and at the same time derez Ice.

29 Apr 2022 m.p

Neat! Always liked the birdies (my take on their deck was less concerned with winning and more concerned with derezzing ICE though). Are you sure about the 47 cards when you can have 40? Consistency is a thing...

29 Apr 2022 Mad Tinkerer

@m.p No I'm not certain about the 47 cards, but it always feels like making the deck worse if I take more cards out.

30 Apr 2022 Greasythumb

I think you can make it slimmer by taking down the asset economy. 3x DreamNet in particular seems excessive, and you don't need three Class Acts in a 40 card deck. I've been inspired to build something similarish with operation economy (Khan loves Bravado)