Event: Priority • Cost: 0 • Influence: 1

Play only as your first click.

Draw 1 card for each installed clan resource. Gain 1credit for each tag you have.

"We don't want you! We don't need you!"
Anarch • Darren Tan • Free Mars 81
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Mars for Martians
Ban List Entries
  • Standard Ban List 20.09 (active): Banned
  • Standard Ban List 20.06: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.4b: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.4: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.3: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.2: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.1: Banned
  • Standard MWL 3.0: Banned
  • NAPD MWL 2.2: Banned

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A 0 1 event that lets you get potentially a lot of credits and lets you draw some cards to boot is always interesting, to say the least.

Obviously there has to be a downside. That downside is that tags are generally considered to be bad for you (BOOM!, The All-Seeing I, Psychographics, etc). It takes a special kind of deck and a special kind of player to put up a big neon sign saying "I'm here, come and get me" and survive, nay win even. And yet that's exactly what the Mars clans like to do,

Let's take a look at the thematic support cast (from the perspective of Free Mars):

  • Clan Vengeance - Clan card, doesn't do anything with tags.
  • Counter Surveillance - Clan card, uses tags to access potentially a lot of cards.
  • Jarogniew Mercs - Clan card, prevents damage based on tags. Hard to get rid of for the corp. Anti-synergy with Clan Vengeance.
  • God of War - Not a clan card but gives you up to 1 tag per turn and can be installed multiple times.

The obvious combination of these cards is to use God of War to draw a lot of tags. Use Jarogniew Mercs to prevent damage (possibly replacing it with a new one once you have more tags). When the time arrives to go digging install Counter Surveillance, play Mars for Martians and pop Counter Surveillance. Mars for Martians gives you exactly the number of credits you need to pay for access with Counter Surveillance and lets you draw two cards so you can run with 5 cards in hand. If you have 10 tags or so there's a good chance that a run on R&D will win you the game.

Another useful card is Data Leak Reversal. In particular DLR can be used to waste clicks on making the corp bleed cards, frustrating their game plan while you gain tags for a big run.

Of course there are other tricks as well that I can't think of right now (note: I'm skipping the soon-to-rotate cards on purpose). Be sure to read the comments.

Overall Mars for Martians is a VERY powerful card if you're going tag-me. Obviously it's a pretty useless card if you don't.

(Free Mars era)
Another anarch card that thrives on tags is Obelus. It also has a little synergy with Clan Vengeance (hand size helps you survive damage) and Counter Surveillance (turning the multi access into a draw engine). Although it's not from the mars-themed cycle ;) —