Gentleman,... the obvious?

Bioroid + Warehose + Executive Boot Camp = at the beginning of your turn rez bioroid for -5 credits which makes half of them free to rez at a total trash cost of 7.

/away making new ST-deck

Warehouse cant proc with EBC since the runner has 0 clicks at the start of your turn. —
Hm... errata: "Each player spends clicks from a pool of available clicks, and does not spend each click individually." —
Does not change a thing - the pool of available clicks for Runner during Corp's turn equals 0. —
Checked rules/FAQ and cant find anything... where did you get that info? —
it just doesn't work, feel free to send in a rules question to Lukas, but the runner does not have available clicks until the start of his or her next turn... —

Nice review but this card is flawed so much, you should use it as divider in the box.

No splashed events/hardware/resources more expensive than one ergo: you play the game with your pants down, mostly shaper cards and that very slowly.

Every other ID is better and that's not gonna change because of a new breaker suite or what not.

Ehhh.... —
Kinda narrow-minded of you there. As has been stated, The Professor can be all about the earlygame if you build him to it. Make an Aesop-resource economy, hammer servers with Medium and cheap, one-off breakers and go wild ^^ —