Brain-Taping Warehouse

Brain-Taping Warehouse 1[credit]

Asset: Facility
Trash: 4
Influence: 1

The rez cost of bioroid ice is lowered by 1 for each unspent click the Runner has.

In the vast universe of memories, consciousness slumbers...
Illustrated by Maciej Rebisz
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The Valley (val)

#10 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
The Valley

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Economy options for HB:ST? Yes please!

If the runner ignores the card completely and plays like he would normally against HB:ST, this card can quickly pay a lot of credits back. If the runner tries to play around it and run without many clicks on unrezzed ice, then the downside of bioroids is less applicable, and the upside of ST shines through. If you trash it, then its like a pad campaign (except you don't pay to rez this card, like you do pad). And that card is good enough for quite a few decks.

I won't say this is for HB:ST what sundew was to J:RP, but there exists similarities...

Another brilliant card to start of a new cycle.

(The Valley era)

This card might seriously make me dust off Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together and toss in a few Heinlein Grid. Forcing the runner into a catch-22 of clicks is a great feeling. Do they run on their first click and give me a free Eli 1.0 and possibly trigger Heinlein to get past (losing them money), or do they run on their last click and pay the price of running into Ichi 1.0 without any "safety" clicks?

(The Valley era)

Love the rez to trash ratio, which will be 0:4 unless theres already an ice in front of it, so its 4+ actually. I'm not sold on it being worth the hype it's getting though. I do love it in the new HB -1 hand size ID, because of Ryon Knight. Million installs HB is a real thing now. 3/5

(The Valley era)
I do not see this as just economy, more as a way to boost early game play. Especially considering most commonly used Bioroids are normaly 3-5 credits. —
Even if this was trashed I would still be happy as the 4 credits would certainly slow the runner down. *Sorry, this post was going to be completely different but I clicked on add comment rather than write review by mistake. No edit/delete rather hurts* —

Gentleman,... the obvious?

Bioroid + Warehose + Executive Boot Camp = at the beginning of your turn rez bioroid for -5 credits which makes half of them free to rez at a total trash cost of 7.

/away making new ST-deck

(Breaker Bay era)
Warehouse cant proc with EBC since the runner has 0 clicks at the start of your turn. —
Hm... errata: "Each player spends clicks from a pool of available clicks, and does not spend each click individually." —
Does not change a thing - the pool of available clicks for Runner during Corp's turn equals 0. —
Checked rules/FAQ and cant find anything... where did you get that info? —
it just doesn't work, feel free to send in a rules question to Lukas, but the runner does not have available clicks until the start of his or her next turn... —