All FFG had to do was print 'NEXT Opal gains "-> The Corp gains 1$" for each rezzed piece of NEXT ice.' but instead they gave us this shit; it'll only encourage asset spam, which I think we all agree sucks. Why the f*ck did they think this was okay? Talk about turning my favorite suite of ice into a joke. Thanks, FFG. Thank you for understanding.

Agreed —

Just felt like pointing out a small interaction with Apex as one of few resources it can utilize. For 1 influence you can scry your top 5, draw what you need, then sacrifice it to get rid of three potentially unwanted copies. If you want all 5 cards, Rolodex makes great post-Apocalypse fodder!

Apex was your first thought when you saw this? My first thought was, "Finally, a reason to play Oracle May!" —
While Oracle May would certainly work with this card on the short term, motivation works way, way better with her. It lasts the whole game and you don't have to remember anything. —

I see this as an Anarch's replacement for Levy (especially MaxX). For four less credits, it has a similar effect.

I will compare it to Levy AR Lab Access.


  • Costs 4 less.
  • Can be revived from the heap with Clone Chip if trashed by MaxX (like Levy can with SoT I suppose).
  • You can choose relevant, non-dead draws to replenish for specific reasons (econ, Parasites, etc.)


  • Requires turn investments.
  • Uses 1, which can be mitigated with Djinn.
  • Vulnerable to program trashing.
  • Requires a total of to use.

Better believe this is going into most of my Anarch decks. Noise will LOVE this.

I think Noise is absolutely the strongest contender for Trope. He just wants to install whatever viruses he draws into and often doesn't care much about the order. With Trope, you are able to keep the gravy train rolling. I think Trope will greatly increase the number of turns it takes to get to selling off your Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype to Aesop. —
I dont think it's going to be much use in Maxx due to the fact that two thirds of the cards you bring back will be thrown back in the trash again, so its a bit wasteful of a slow to gather resource (1 per turn power counters) - Levy still seems the best bet for that particular deck. Every other anarch will likely be licking their lips in anticipation though if they can find the extra memory unit. —
You are both absolutely correct. I suppose the only plus for max is the influence it saves. As an Anarch, with the simple inclusion of Djinn, this can fit! (Many anarchs will run virus programs anyway, right?) It also holds Clot, Imp... —
I would consider running it in MaxX, probably as a one-of, for recurring 4-5 pieces of economy in the late game and then Injecting into them, for instance. Not sure it's strong enough though. —
Shame that you can't Djinn it up for maximum effect, but there's other ways around that. —

I feel SC's best use at the moment is as a cheaper Clone Chip for anyone relying on Clot. While it lacks the instant speed of Clone Chip, the Corp will still know to expect it and start playing around it. So why not save Clone Chip for a disposable program like Parasite, trashable or Dogbreaker, while having a SacCon in play to save that Clot?

SacCon essentially guarantees that the corp must spend two turns at least (plus any extra SC) purging if they want to FA without Psycho.

At 1 influence it can even replace / supplement Clone Chip in most Anarch decks. In Criminal it can extend the shelf life of Faerie for more facechecking, and allow you to run without fear alongside your Autoscripter.

In Clot-dependant Hayley builds it functions as a free double resource fodder AND has the same benefit mentioned in paragraph 1. And now that Power Shutdown is rising in popularity, this can also waste some Corp cards.

SacCon is looking pretty good if you ask me.

Mainly here to -

1) Troll the Corp if you survived a brutal Midseasons.

2) Clear tags gathered from multiple Account Siphons.

Don't think there's much else to say about this card, other than that I haven't seen it used.

If you really want a card to deal with #2, you'd probably prefer to use Lawyer Up. This card is pretty expensive for what it does; how often do you have 3+ tags on you? —
Also if you willingly siphon and then let the turn end with two or more tags on you with plans to paper trip them all away the damage is already done. —