For 4 , and 2 you force the Corp to spend at least , potentially as much or more and ice to defend Archives. Combined with Desperado, you'll earn your spent on Sneakdoor within a turn or 2. Combined with Doppelgänger, you get an additional surprise HQ access that turn. If you are running a typical 3 breaker suite and a Console, Sneakdoor is an absolute must (especially for Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional!) Nothing makes the Corp bitter more than having to dedicate time and resources to defending a mostly obselete server.

Combine with Emergency Shutdown, HQ Interface, Nerve Agent and other HQ-hate goodies!

It's also awesome in shaper as a one-of: you can test run it and take the corp by surprise (works best with HQ interface or Nerve Agent). —
Wisdom at its best - thanks for clarifying its uses in Shaper! —
Can this card be used in combination with Account Siphon, or do the triggers not align? —
Nope, to trigger the click ability is an action and to play an event is another, which can't happen together, since siphon requires to directly run to hq. —

Just installed that pricey new toy, can't afford non-criminal economy, and you didn't have other options?

Nah, that wouldn't happen nowadays, right? Well, if that happened this would be a simple way to climb out of the non-Sure Gamble range. Fortunately, we all have great ways to build economy today.

Easy Mark is a great way to jump-start a sagging economy, and actually pairs really nicely with Lucky Find to net you 9 credits in 3 clicks while showing 0. If you're brave enough to run with your fourth click on that turn, you can surprise the corp with a snipe at their scoring server. —

Ice Carver represents the Anarch way of life; slowly and steadily corrupt your obstacle. Gain access through decay.

Let's compare it to its common counterpart: Datasucker.


  • Does not require successful runs or limited virus counters to function. Affects all ice (save Lotus), all the time.
  • Only succeptible to tag-trashing; safer for facechecking.
  • Requires no MU.


  • Costs 2 more to install.
  • Not capable of draining ice strength.
  • Unique, limited to 1 at a time. Extras can be dead draws.
  • Not tutorable at all.
  • High influence makes it harder to splash.

Similar options:

  • Bishop - Best in Caissa decks, uses MU, cheaper, affects 1 ice at a time.

  • Scrubbed - Costly current that affects 1 ice per turn, with unreliable results.

Possible interactions:

I'm surprised its not included in more Anarch decks, considering its a super Datasucker! I know I'll try using it more often, especially in Anarch decks that set up first, run later.

Datasucker is used more often because it's tutorable and it's a virus, which triggers a lot of other nifty interactions. Ice Carver's always been too much of a tempo hit for me when I've tested it, but if it's working for you, go for it. It's not something your opponent will expect. —
You've mirrored my sentiments exactly! :) —
Perhaps the value of Ice Carver will go up with the arrival of Paige Piper? —

I can see Peddler in four different decks at the moment:

1) Noise - being able to play Parasite mid-run without Clone Chip is fantastic, especially thanks to the surprise factor. Street Peddler allows this with any virus, really, and combined with Noise's ability seems to put a little pressure on all servers (could she be offering a Medium or Nerve Agent?)

2) Hayley Kaplan - Street Peddler does two things for Hayley: allows her to install another Resource on the same turn, then on a future turn install something else. Can't get any better for synergy out of faction if you ask me!

3) New Criminal ID - The one that draws 1 card the first time they use a ability each turn.

4) Connection-oriented decks that use Calling in Favors. That card seems to get better and better with each data pack!

The new criminal ID draws a card *every* time they use a trash ability. It isn't limited to once per turn (and good thing too, because even as it is it's pretty janky and even less tier-y than Exile, which also isn't limited to once per turn btw. Not that I'm not excited for the new criminal ID, quite the contrary; I love me so junk IDs). —
Scratch that, I just double-checked and it IS indeed only the first time. Damn. Now it's the jankiest ID in the game. I really hope they got the spoiler wrong, because even if not limited it's still janky. —
Uhh.. Whenever you use a trash ability, draw 1 card. —
Yeah this thing is basically Geist Diesel. Draw your choice of three cards, draw a card from trashing the Peddler, draw a card from trashing whatever was on the Peddler...good times. —
Giest and peddler don't work like that. At all. —
Care to explain why? You install Peddler for 0, looking at top 3 cards. You install something like Spy Camera from the Peddler by trashing it: You have now drawn the Spy Camera (from Peddler's ability) and one other card (from trashing Peddler, due to Geist's ability). You then trash the Spy Camera, activating it and drawing a third card (from Geist's ability again). The net result of this is that for the click cost of the Peddler you have drawn two cards and played and used a Spy Camera (net gain: three cards). Now, what part of this doesn't work? —

I highly doubt a review is needed for this card, but just in case...

Holy hells, this is going to blow every Runner without plascrete to smithereens. Something tells me FFG really wants us to burn our opposition down to the ground.

Small agendas, SEA, scorched... Hey, I'd even put Shi.Kyu in here to screw the runner up. Everyone knows Weyland can afford these things.

I can't wait to play this!