Hold on, hold on, hold on people. Run with me for a second on this. Comet + event + event = -1 click. Double event = -1 click - 1 click. Comet + event + double event = -1 click - 1 click. Now here's where the math gets weird. Starlight Crusade Funding = -1 click + (1 click * number of double events). Wait guys, does this mean Comet + Starlight Crusade Funding + 2 Double Events = -2 clicks? Holy crap does this make Starlight double event decks playable?

Oh god man. Don't do it. That way lies only tears and madness. —
This is so wrong. haha what the heck —
And then add adjusted chr onotype and gene condition shoppe —
This may or may not be from personal experience, but 2x Power Nap to gain 17 creds on first click is pretty damn sweet. —
I'm playing a Hayley deck that uses Comet, Starlight, Power Nap, Adj. Chronotype, Gene Conditioning, Beach Party, Game Day, Power Nap and Lucky Find. Once Starlight is installed, Game Day is one click, draws you up to 10 cards, and then you can play one of those new cards as the 2nd Comet card (preferably a double to make it better). All for the cost of 1 click, and a fair amount of set up. It's based on a deck Throne Runner posted through ANRBlackhats. —
I am wondering if the corp hits an "I've had worse" when dealing net or meat damage does comet fire? —

Let's face it, Ekomind sucks on its own. Net and meat damage are potential program trashers, and brain damage... Well, Eko isn't a brain in a jar for nothing. And forget installing this thing without some backup - installing out of a 5 card hand returns you to 4 max memory, effectively wasting 2 credits. You need to have origami's out and up before you even think about installing this.

Before you dismiss this card though, let's take a look at the current meta. Corps have gotten faster, meaner than ever. Don't count on a long early game when that NEH: BC sets up 3 PADs, 2 Marked Accounts and a 2 counter Reversed Accounts by turn 3, and good luck closing the Blue Sun econ gap if you don't break that OAI'd Curtain Wall turn 1. With the rise of E3 Quetzal and Emergency Shutdown Leela Patel, Ekomind seems like the most useless early game console in print. That's because it is.

Ekomind isn't an early boost. It's a planned rigbeast. Want to scare the corp? Screw that turn one Overmind on Quetzal. Install Eko and Joshua B on turn one, then draw away. Turn 3 you can have an 8 counter Overmind, ready to tear up any server you want with a Stimhack. Once you add E3 and Duggar's to the mix, Joshua B for a 5th click, then Duggar's for 10 cards and install another Overmind. Boom, that 5 card hand just became a 13 counter Overmind with E3 picking up the slack. With one memory eaten, Stimhacks become keys to any server you want. Put 3 origami's down and the same strategy goes from 13 counters to 19. Add in a Cuj.0 for free Swordsman breaks and you've got yourself a free pass anywhere you want. Here's the thing you can't miss, though. That's what Ekomind was made for.

With Ekomind, you can unlock your anarchs lategame. Ekomind + 3 Origami's = +6 Memory, more than you could possibly care for. You're a runner for Christ's sake, run! You don't need a Monolith turn 2 to beat the corp. Why is waiting a few turns for some setup going to kill you? Duggar's yourself, get those Origami's up and running. Hell, toss in a Djinn to make those Origami's go from +6 to +8! That kind of memory wasn't made to be eaten up, it was made to be counted. If you need 12 max mem to beat a corp, you need to relearn how to run. Eat a stimhack, eat damage, who cares? You have the hand size, you have the free mem.

No one's calling Ekomind versatile, just good. So before you start bashing it, toss 3 Eko's in with some Origamis, Djinns, Duggar's, Joshua Bs, Overminds and E3's. Walk into those servers like you own the place, you might as well.