Probably best with Endless Hunger as it has base 11 strength and can handle etrs. Apex with this and E3 has a way to walk through servers, albeit without the threat of Apocalypse.

Outside of that, I can only see Shapers using this right now. It does let you have a decent AI in stealth with either Houdini or Switchblade as great targets depending on the match up. Torch, Cybercypher, and Study Guide are also worth mentioning, but be careful not to spend too much on your setup. After all, this does only let you click through things...

Alternatively, if you don't want to shell out influence for Endless Hunger you always have access to Deus X, at least until rotation. —
There are going to be like 15 erratas on cards released in the last three packs. FFG is really dropping the ball with playtesting/proofreading. —

Although the math for this doesn't compare well to Special Order, I actually really like that they gave Criminals another option that feels like you are rolling with the punches.

The biggest complaint we have gotten so far from the majority of Criminal programs that aren't icebreakers are that they are niche.

And some of them are super niche.

Cards like Copycat, Tracker and Sneakdoor Beta are great examples.

Copycat can be great depending on the situation! It might even be better than an inside job because of the way corp servers can be stacked up. Most competitive decks run 3x of all sorts of ice. Now, for the brief few months til rotation that card is actually decent rather than complete garbage!

Sneakdoor is probably, currently the widest application of "freaking awesome" to use it with. Simple click a program into a sneakdoor and boom, you are off to the races. When it becomes impractical to run Archives to get their sweet, sweet HQ simply bid Sneakdoor adiue and grab some other awesome program.

Really, what this allows is Criminals for the first time to be a bit like shaper and splash ultra impactful, non-virus programs into their decks. I think the best targets are going to be cards that force responses, but that could change based on builds.

But the first time they find and slam down their keyhole, I am probably going to cry "Oh man this card is OP!"

Target Cache to get rid of a program you don't need anymore anyway. —
What about running X3 Femme Fatale with this card? That seems like a combo worth mentioning... —

Berseker is okay.

Oh, by itself it is pretty terrible.

It lacks...

  1. the cheap play cost of Corroder, and its ability to pump

  2. the flexibility of Paperclip

  3. the economic advantage of D4v1d

  4. the raw power of Morningstar

So why run it?

Right now it probably isn't a good measure. It plays okay with Sifr support, but Morningstar does it a lot better if you want to just dominate barriers and it feels kind of odd to require Sifr for barriers unless you get a huge savings.

Its only really good target right now is Eli 1.0.

Yeesh... nevermind. This is just bad. Sorry guys. I tried. Its a barrier breaker that requires support... which means it should be giving you a lot more than simply breaking subroutines at an okay rate.

It's not bad, it's just that Anarch already has good fracters and there's not much reason to pick this over the others. You could put this in a deck running datasucker, parasite etc and the card would function perfectly fine. It's a bit of a hybrid that fills a middle ground between the go to breakers (corroder & paperclip) and morningstar. —

Right now, this card is pretty terrible. As a breaker I will quickly run down its stats to remind you why.

Its MU intensive, its got a terrible breaker cost and 1 strength. If you want just a breaker, you are better off with almost any other sentry breaker out of Anarch. Cuj0, which is a card that has almost never seem play is a much, much better sentry breaker than this credit hungry monster.

So, this is at best a 5 cost, 2 mu back up sentry breaker. Which means there has to be a catch. And there is. Lets look at the other half of this puzzle.

"Whenever you pass a sentry, you may trash the top card of the stack to trash one card from the top of R&D for each subroutine on that sentry that resolved."

The ability on anything other than a program would probably be great for mill decks. Programs are notoriously vulnerable during runs due to the prevalence of program trashing effects. Meaning this card is both expensive and will very rarely fire.

Currently, the best opportunity you have to use this is with Sifr,) D4v1d,) Grappling) Hook or Shaper) programs) and events) that let you change the type of ice, just to open up more of the potential for targets) of the program.

With support, it could feed into a mill strategy and may even someday be a support piece in such a plan, but for now I am not convinced. Until DLR rotates, that offers a much, much easier way of doing a similar thing for far, far cheaper.

I think this is too janky and needs too many supporting cards to see any play. Unless the sentry is a tracer, you normally want to break it and this card is far too costly to be used frequently for breaking. That said, this would be very good against nuisance sentries like pup. —
There are a few Sentries that this is vaguely workable against without support, but they don't really see much play. Veritas, Errand Boy, Gutenberg, Hunter, Pup. If you have link in your deck, some of those get better and you can add Caduceus, Uroborus, Vikram (click the first sub), both Sherlocks and Assassin to the list. Also Cortex Lock once your MU is full. Last but not least, if you have a giant handsize you can Hail Mary by running Komainu or Brainstorm for ENORMOUS mills. Overall though, I think you're right. It's rubbish until they bring out a runner card that can add subroutines. —
this and some egrets could be fun —
Maybe Clan Vengeance would work here. Because as I see it, this card is two in one: a bad sentry breaker and a utility program that enables mills for firing sentry subroutines. So, I think this would fit into any masochistic deck that wants to get hurt to hurt the corp even more. Eat a lot of damage to mill and in case you encounter a program trashing sentry, use it to NOT fire that sub. —
The Noble Path seems good with this —

Don't even consider this card unless you are running Adjusted Chronotype. Even then, this card is not for the faint of heart.

Rightly so, the internet has universally panned this card. It comes in at an expensive 5 credits and requires an additional 3 credit card to get you your click back for the rest of the game.

Once the card reaches this point, you have invested a great deal into it. But if you can manage it early enough, I would argue that you actually are better off than you are with just a Kati Jones on the table.

Lets compare.

Kati Jones requires a click investment and at least 3 turns of sacrificing a click and a fourth turn to click it out to get a payout worthy of the install. Depending on the match up, the full turns worth of clicks can actually hamper your aggression, while you are building up for your "1 big run".

Installing Hard At Work sacrifices some of that flexibility (you MUST click), but gets you 2 credits that turn. Over the course of the four turns, you get 8 credits, putting you 1 behind kati jones in terms of raw power, in exchange for giving you immediate access to the funds.

Now, in order for this dreamland scenario to be TRUE you must also get Hard At Work out for 2 credits, requiring either career fair or the supplier. At 2 credits, its pretty much a less flexible, less fragile kati jones.

If you also manage to pop out adjusted chronotype, either for free or at a reduced cost, you are living the dream. Two of these firing a turn suddenly warrants the lost click as gaining 4 credits a turn for a single click is pretty excellent.

I don't think it's there yet. But I think Chronotype almost made all of the "lose a click" cards relevant. Wyldside is now playable again. Starlight is almost there and might even go above and beyond in this cycle depending on any future doubles. Hard at work is the weakest, but might be better with the upcoming street peddler or a deck built around the supplier.

All in all, leave it in the binder, but keep an eye on it. You might just be surprised.

The Supplier would make it cost 3, which is still kind of reasonable, but the inf of the supplier is not. I think career fair is the right move here, especially considering he's hard at WORK. With the right amount of draw, it'd be worth having 'resource modded', adjusted chronotype and hard at work in the same deck —
Career fair works well with this card. Installing outright or using The Supplier actually ends up costing the same except you need 5 up front vs 3. This is because Hard at Work won't trigger the turn you install it via The Supplier. —