Adjusted Matrix

Adjusted Matrix 5[credit]

Hardware: Mod
Influence: ●●○○○

Install only on an icebreaker.

Host icebreaker gains AI and "Interface → Lose click: Break 1 subroutine."

"Who said you can't teach an old breaker new tricks?" -g00ru
Illustrated by Kathryn Steele
Decklists with this card

Earth's Scion (eas)

#46 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Earth's Scion
  • ANCUR UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    When can the Runner use the ability gained by Adjusted Matrix?

    The Runner can use this ability if the host icebreaker meets the strength of the encountered ice. Treat the card as if it said “Host icebreaker gains AI and "You may spend to break any subroutine on a piece of ice currently being encountered."

    Designer’s Note: Errata for this card will be issued in the next FAQ.

    What happens if the Runner installs an Adjusted Matrix on an icebreaker hosted on another card with a non-AI icebreaker restriction (such as Dinosaurus)?

    The icebreaker hosting Adjusted Matrix gains AI, which makes it no longer satisfy the hosting requirement on Dinosaurus. The icebreaker is immediately trashed, then so is the Adjusted Matrix.

    What happens if the Runner installs an Adjusted Matrix on an icebreaker hosting Dedicated Processor?

    Similar to Parasite, Dedicated Processor’s restriction is only considered at the time of its installation. If the host icebreaker later gains AI, nothing happens.


Probably best with Endless Hunger as it has base 11 strength and can handle etrs. Apex with this and E3 has a way to walk through servers, albeit without the threat of Apocalypse.

Outside of that, I can only see Shapers using this right now. It does let you have a decent AI in stealth with either Houdini or Switchblade as great targets depending on the match up. Torch, Cybercypher, and Study Guide are also worth mentioning, but be careful not to spend too much on your setup. After all, this does only let you click through things...

(Earth's Scion era)
Alternatively, if you don't want to shell out influence for Endless Hunger you always have access to Deus X, at least until rotation. —
There are going to be like 15 erratas on cards released in the last three packs. FFG is really dropping the ball with playtesting/proofreading. —

As of late 2020, Adjusted Matrix is useful almost exclusively with Deus X. Which allow you to make any ice behave basically like a Bioroid (click to break). Unless Sandburg or Helheim Server is used, this will allow you to break any ices at the cost of clicks. Against high strength ices, it is a bargain. All this at the cost of 8 credits (still expensive).

Otherwise, with any other breaker, it allow you to interact with any ice on the board. Houdini and Engolo are very good for this. With that, you can still use only one breaker to break anything. It won't help much against Glacier, but it will help in a pinch. And it doesn't take any MU.

With it's high cost of 5 credits, it won't see much use. But with a cost of 2 influences, it can be used in any factions.

Note the flavor text, it describe exactly what the card does, all with a pretty image. Good design.

(Uprising era)