This is a list of all AP Ice that can be found, currently totaling 39 cards.

A few interesting or noteworthy interactions;

  • Chrysalis is going to do either 1 or 2 net damage no matter what the runner does (ignoring hate), it's now essentially a turbo shock whilst in R&D and HQ (though 1 less to trash and doesn't work from Archives.)

  • Data Mine how has no answer short of damage prevention. Great for Tori shenanigans.

  • Clickable Bioroid Ice, such as the Fairchilds and Heimdall now have a little more sting when trying to get through them. Again, Tori can support a Heimdall if you're really trying to push that brain damage through.

  • Kakugo is just plain rude, enough said.

  • Mausolus now hurts to break, and if you're playing Builder of Nations the runner is now taking a net damage and a meat damage for the pleasure of paying to break it all and pass it.

  • Pup now taxes the runner a credit and a card rather than 2 credits, not bad for 1 credit to rez.

And all of the above is written with the assumption you only have 1 of these installed and rezzed. It's not unique, so the effects will stack, resulting in some serious headaches from the runner until they deal with it. At 1 influence it is easy to splash into Weyland or HB if desired.

However, at only 2 to trash it will be trashed given the opportunity. Luckily Jinteki excels as avoiding this, thanks to RP and IG.

Don't see how Pup's tax changes. Synth works when you break the sub and with Pup you never do. You just let them fire and pay to avoid the damage, so the Synth doesn't trigger. —
Synth + Pup + Slee :D —
@Shieldwall, I am dumb and cannot read, thanks for pointing that out! —
Another noteworthy interaction: If your opponent has Yog out, you can use this to make your Aikis and Yaguras actually do something. This card still really struggles to stay on the board, though. —

With the release of Tem├╝jin Contract, this card deserves another look at. Feint is a fantastic support card that opens up a lot of options for a criminal runner built on run economy.

There are a host of additional support cards that quickly turn this into a monster. Desperado, Security Testing and Public Terminals allow Gabe to gain 9 credits or Ken to gain 8 credits for a click if HQ has 2 or less ice in the way (and no Guard or Underway Grid, but that is currently not seen very often). The successful HQ run then allows cards such as Pol Op or Emergency Shutdown to be used.

The next key to the puzzle is running Find the Truth which will allow you to peak at R&D. If you spot an agenda, you will have a healthy supply of credits to make a Mad Dash through R&D with.

With a run on HQ and R&D now completed, it would seem rude not to run archives and then find an Exploit, derezzing all that pesky ice on R&D and HQ.


With the release of Reaver, Harbinger now has a lot more utility outside of Apex decks. Any deck running Aesop's Pawnshop and Reaver should consider splashing another 3 influence to slot 3 Harbingers.

Installing 1 Harbinger for a click gives the runner 6 credits and 2 card draws over the next 2 turns once the engine is set up. Being a program, Harbinger also fires Technical Writer for an additional 1-3 credits to be collected when required. 1 click for 6-9 credits and 2 cards is pretty nuts, and Hayley goes one step further by allowing you to install 2 Harbingers in 1 click. That's 12-18 credits and 4 cards being drawn for a click (over 4 turns though). Using a Clone Chip to bring Harbinger back (making sure to fire the Clone Chip on the corps turn for that extra draw from Reaver) just makes sure Aesop is never out of stock.

On top of this, whilst Harbinger is waiting to be sold by Aesop, he acts as a great target if the corp forces the runner to trash an installed card (like Power shutdown).

7 influence for Reaver for 3 Harbingers out of Shaper is a steep ask, and you if you have to import Aesops too the total influence hits 13 which is something only Sunny would seriously consider.