Feint 2[credit]

Event: Run
Influence: 3

Run HQ. The first 2 times this run you encounter a piece of ice, bypass that ice. If successful, you cannot breach HQ.

Stirling entered the server, passing a growling piece of ice. He was unarmed…or so it seemed.
Illustrated by Ed Mattinian
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Honor and Profit (hap)

#34 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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There are many cards that trigger upon a successful run on HQ: Emergency Shutdown, Apocalypse et al, Desperado and Gabriel Santiago, Datasucker and others. All of these cards can benefit from a "double Inside Job" even without getting a random HQ access or ability to trash an upgrade.

However, one of the most infamous counters to the above and all of our other favorite HQ-accessing cards (cough Account Siphon cough) is the upgrade powerhouse Crisium Grid. Being five to trash is a nasty weight for most runners (outside of Drug Dealer / Faust, of course), but remember this little trick:

Our friend Feint's "if successful" trigger is a downside! Which means that when Crisium Grid prevents that trigger, you regain the ability to access, and therefore trash the Grid. Combine with an HQ interface that you probably should be considering if you're playing a heavy blue deck and you've got a nice little combo that compliments, rather than defines, your deck.

(Data and Destiny era)
Feint accesses on Crisium HQ? that's brilliant. I've only ever used it to activate successful HQ run triggers, but I can see this working well with Gang Sign Leela. I really like this idea. —
Can't believe I never saw this before. —
Crisium on HQ seems a rare sight these days. Shame though - I'd love to Feint the living heck out of it. —

You see an unrezzed upgrade on HQ. You assume it is Crisium. You are blue, and no one likes their stuff getting stolen by boys in blue, so they Crisium. So, you Feint. And they, being smart players, don't actually fall for your trick and they don't rez Crisium. You waste a click.

Then you run RND, then you run Archives, then you Apocalypse.

The Feint was, in fact, a feint.

(Blood and Water era)
Yep, happened to me as well. I love it when a card does *exactly* what it describes. —

With the release of Temüjin Contract, this card deserves another look at. Feint is a fantastic support card that opens up a lot of options for a criminal runner built on run economy.

There are a host of additional support cards that quickly turn this into a monster. Desperado, Security Testing and Public Terminals allow Gabe to gain 9 credits or Ken to gain 8 credits for a click if HQ has 2 or less ice in the way (and no Guard or Underway Grid, but that is currently not seen very often). The successful HQ run then allows cards such as Pol Op or Emergency Shutdown to be used.

The next key to the puzzle is running Find the Truth which will allow you to peak at R&D. If you spot an agenda, you will have a healthy supply of credits to make a Mad Dash through R&D with.

With a run on HQ and R&D now completed, it would seem rude not to run archives and then find an Exploit, derezzing all that pesky ice on R&D and HQ.

(Daedalus Complex era)