StarkandTully's combo MaxX (4th in Stimhack Invitational)

LSK 4662

I'm neither the player of this deck nor the author of this deck. I just really liked this deck and know that some people were looking for the list.

This is the runner deck StarkandTully (Iain Reid) used to reach 4th place in the Stimhack Store Champions Invitational.

The combo involves loading Mediums, Darwins, and Parasites on a Personal Workshop, building up a large Incubator, and then dumping the Incubator counters onto a Hivemind. From there, you can make a Stimhack run on R&D, taking your fully powered viruses off your Workshop. Parasite just destroys most ice in the way, and Darwin breaks any leftovers. That's probably already a pretty deep dig, but if you don't win, you can follow it up with a Showing Off run (which will hit all the agendas they've dredged to the bottom with Daily Business Show.)

13 Apr 2015 Redi Spades

After seeing this in action, I love! Great deck man.

13 Apr 2015 Tr33beard

I feel like swapping at least 1 of the Showing Off for Demolition Run might be an idea. At the very least, it'll give the deck a chance for subsequent runs if they hit a Cyberdex Virus Suite during the big dig.

13 Apr 2015 LSK

Tr33beard: My understanding is that the major upside to Showing Off is the interaction it has with an opposing Daily Business Show, the latter of which was very prevalent at the top tables. I think that Demolition Run would be primarily interesting in a metagame dominated by Personal Evolution because then you can play to mill the corp instead of to steal agendas.

13 Apr 2015 Tr33beard

Yeah, I think I might go one of each as a baseline and adjust for the meta.

14 Apr 2015 Diegofsv

Ok, this is just to damn awesome. WOW.

14 Apr 2015 SneakdoorMelb

This was so good to watch, well done for bringing this madness so far!

14 Apr 2015 firesa

This one beat me in the last round of the ssci, I think it's great, but I think it's also super vulnerable to cyberdex (which I guess has not seen lots of play), multiple snares, anything like that. I think the surprise factor was huge (and definitely worth it), so will def keep this list in my list of decks to take to a gnk type thing and just mess with people

14 Apr 2015 nobodyhasthis

love love love this deck

14 Apr 2015 Matuszczak

I played against this in the tournament. When I saw the Workshop I started rushing agendas and even got to 5 points. Then he accesses my R&D. All of it. Crazy idea, completely out of the box, Stark and Tully deserves huge credit for this. The only problem is that the deck autoloses to Cyberdex Virus Suite, which I tend to see here and there recently.

14 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

The thing is, even if he hits the Cyberdex during the big dig, he continues to access cards. If he wins in that run, hitting the Cyberdex doesn't matter. You would have to dig for it, install it, and then pop it as you rez an R&D ice in order to keep him out. Or Caprice on R&D and pray to the psi game gods.

15 Apr 2015 tiedyedvortex

One other point about the Demo Run/Showing off decision--you can play Stimhack and Showing Off in either order and have them both be meaningful, but if you Stimhack and then Demo Run you're mostly wasting your time.

15 Apr 2015 moistloaf

what about.... Snatch and Grab

15 Apr 2015 Isvan

Snatch and Grab doesn't trash Workshop- it's not a Connection. You would need Elizabeth Mills (or Character Assassination) instead,

16 Apr 2015 Oh_Em_Ve

Even with Mills or Assassination you still have fall guy for protection.

16 Apr 2015 Manticore

Character Assassination's trash can't be prevented, so it's legit bad news, but I haven't seen it once since NAPD came out.

17 Apr 2015 Wookiee

And you still have Déjà Vu if you have to pull Personal Workshop out of your Heap.

23 Apr 2015 ddbrown30

Yeah, but losing PW on its own isn't the problem. It's losing PW when it's loaded full of stuff. That's game over for this deck if it happens.

23 Apr 2015 nobodyhasthis

mills isn't a problem because fall guy, and character assassination isn't a problem because if you suspect a character assassination you can just pay to pull everything off PW before they 4th advance. the only thing that actually stomps this deck is a virus suite on the board that they rez and use after you pop your incubators.

18 Jun 2015 eratos

How do you build up a large incubator with this deck when the Corp can just purge?

18 Jun 2015 Diegofsv

@eratos This is a mono-run deck. The corp can't purge every single turn and 3 incubators installed means that 2 turns without purge will make your 2/3 mediums see 10 extra cards each. As soon as each incubator has 3 counters, use amped up, install hivemind from workshop (2 counters), put 9 more from your incubators and run (with at least 2 medium installed or in your workshop). If you dont win, use Showing Off.

19 Jun 2015 eratos

Thank you @Diegofsv that was really helpful. Soemtimes it's a real jump from seeing a decklist to understanding how to play with it :)