Coyote Jetbike 7th Finnish Async Tournament

Buppu2099 55

The Dream:

Deep Dive with clicks to spare!

Sable with Swift is great.

Play one of the many run events littered throughout the deck, first click, on your mark. Which more or less translates into a 6-click turn.


Some cool tricks this deck can do:

Bravado on your mark click one to get rid of 4 tags on 3 credits.

Buffer Drive is not only your best hope against PE, but it offers another Deep Dive when you really need one.

Security Testing on your mark and run it with Bravado or Dirty Laundry for stupid amounts of money and free clicks.

Deep Dive round one, with a click to spare to knock that BOOM! out from the deck.

Plenty of room for improvement here though. Boat of course, but that would not give us that sweet, sweet extra bonus click on top.

I'm not too keen on Diversion of Funds, it's a slow card and only works on one out of three possible marks.

Also, there is a superior version of this deck out there in the aether, and it contains Always Be Running to make the most out of those extra clicks. Also consistent way to access more cards would be great.

This deck did not actually win me any matches in the Finnish Async tournament. But it sure is a lot of fun to run with.

Check out my moderately better corp deck here. Unlike my runner deck, it actually won a couple of games.