Dance macabre [2nd at Italy CoL]

aksu 285

Runner the cleaver doesn't help you;

twinning and bankhar has no value here.

I have taken you by the hand;

you must come into my dance.

Everybody is the same after meeting the god of death

Dance macabre!

Ok there is the prententious stuff out the way real question time: why would a toxic asshole who only plays PD and rush wayland bring a prison deck into a tournament?

Loki AG is one of my hella favourite decks of last meta. Booping people into Loki that has got backup from milinzi thats jumping from the top rope just somehow hits diffrent you know.

Normally I would not even think about bringing this deck but got invited to play in a team with jan tuno and Krys (ty so much was super fun). So I thought about what do you actually want to play in a fun casual team tournament. Answer clearly is super bad shaper IDs because you refuse to play lat or any other good shaper. And a extremely frustrating corp that just sucks the fun out of the game for the opponent :D. ( also thought about bringing something like a grinder PE where you just flip anemones).

OK that's cool but is the deck actually good?

NO its still bad and you should not play it

well that was easy....

but in more seriousness. There are way more incidental things that just end you mainly:

  • Bankhar is instant gg (list should prolly be on Sadaka to do atleast some counterplay)
  • Hush with Simulchip is instant gg
  • good runnerplay is instant gg /j

Also your options are so much weaker now.

  • Chiyashi > Ivik: You still need something to actually stop runs. Ivik just does so much less. and if your opponent gets K2CP Turbine rig going or just installs Ice Carver+Lechen this feels so incredilby sad for a 7 mana ice

  • DNA Tracker > Attini: The most we have X at home ice you can imagine. But you still have to play something big so mehh.

  • Obokata Protocol > Fujii Asset Retrieval: IMO this one hurts clearly the most. If your opponent does just not beef into the loki multiple times actually closing the game out can be extremely hard. Espesially when you cant really just "ggs your stack is empty I will win next turn" like you can with the obo.

everything else is kinda the same than it used to be. You probably can make the deck into a solid tier 2 contender. But I just don't think it is worth the time. Let the dead go and join the eternal dance with other fun decks. There will be more fun stuff coming in the future!

PS: Also the tournament was super fun. Got to play against many cool people. Hearing on the main tournament day that people where legit afraid that I would bring loki ag on saturday is hella funny.

30 Nov 2023 anarchomushroom

im glad someone continues to fight the good fight

30 Nov 2023 jan tuno

Love you wow so happy you teamed with us and this did well

30 Nov 2023 Council

Justice for Jinteki

Love this writeup :)

30 Nov 2023 Council

If you wanna mess up Bankhar I think you combine this with Endless EULA and give Trieste Loki 7 subs for them to eat.

30 Nov 2023 aksu

👀 that actually could be really fun tech. Goddamnit I might actually end up trying to make this deck into a real thing again. :(

30 Nov 2023 HaverOfFun

Super wicked! We’ve seen enough punitive Ag this season, time for a return to this coolness

7 Dec 2023 ThePatrician

That Turbine is not unique/2MU and applicable to all breakers is a traversty :D Cool list.