OK, BOOMERang - 1st & 2nd at German Nats

Pinsel 2567

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This is the NWE Geist, that basically the whole NWE team played at german Nats. Similar to Asa, i started building stuff right after we got the uprising spoilers. After a discussion with @jackmade, and NWE testing right before german nats, we finally arrived at this list.


Even though Geist is known to be slow durdle runner that sets up a lot and then locks the game with his egine, this list is very aggressive. The whole "engine" just consists of Masterwork, Q-Loop and Tech Trader. From there even hayley would blush at the amount of click compression and tricks that you can pull off out of nowhere. However this comes at a price: all these triggers will slowly drive you insane. It is also quite taxing in a tournament. Geist games also tend to be long, not by number of turns, but by time spent because you have so many triggers to resolve.

This list includes the good old geist tools to handle ICE with hooks and gbahali. Boomerang also allows you to run into ICE without too much fear. It is also a great surveyor solution and because it recurs itself, you can use them quite liberally. You also have the best set of breakers that a crim can play with bukhalter, corroder, amina. With these tools to handle ICE, you can then be aggressive, because running fuels your engine and running draws you into your missing pieces.

In order to actually win games, Geist has 3 strong pressure tools: this list can either try to build up and keep enough tools to lock the remote. Geist can also pressure HQ well with diversions and cheap runs. And the card draw is so good that you will eat all three diversions very quickly if you don't protect HQ properly. At last there is stargate. The old geist list had the problem, that they could not really force agenda steals. You had 6 spycams (12 with levy) and if those didn't hit agendas, you were in a bad spot with no good multiaccess. Stargate is a perfect fit, forcing the corp to ICE R&D well or you can control everything they draw. And with boomerang recursion and an efficient engine, it is very hard to stop stargate. So even though the corp can ICE enough to prevent one of these threats, it is very hard to manage all three of them. For some lategame fuel, you then have a copy of the back, that can shuffle back around 16 trash cans for that final push.

German Nats

Geist performed very well, only dropping one game during the tournament. I was killed because i had never played the matchup, but after having learned my lesson, I was able to beat earth station rush convincingly. The other matches I usually pressured the corp early until i could find stargate, and then locked the corp trashing all the ICE and stealing the agendas.

Shoutout to all the people that were at german nats and made it such an amazing events. And to all those that helped organise it and helped in other ways to make it so smooth.

14 Jan 2020 Gries

It was an honor playing against you!

14 Jan 2020 JackMade

You forgot the obligatory "stays." on spycam reveals. Other than that, superb player, superb deck. 5/7 will try again next time. :) Congratulations!

14 Jan 2020 Yusei

Congratulations! I really love that Stargate. wont take Khusyuk any more. How did it work against the Scarcity of Resources?Like Palana&LaCostaGrid or Azmari.

14 Jan 2020 IonFox

Amazing deck! A couple questions though: 1) What are the plans vs Navi Mumbai 2) What happens if someone trashes the back and/or traders, via Voter Intimidation for example?

14 Jan 2020 Anzekay

Love to see a good Geist deck that plays actual breakers.

14 Jan 2020 Krasty

Im so surprised, there is no tag prevention. @pinsel: how do you deal with Argus (for example) ?

14 Jan 2020 Pinsel

Thank you all!

@Yusei I only played Palana, so I don't know exactly about Azmari. Scarcity slows you down a bit, but Palana can't score against you fast either because they need at least 3 ICE on centrals to not get wrecked. With some aggression you can delay them enough that they can't capitalise on you hard installing tech traders. And if you are lucky, you even get the necessary access to turn it off. And once you have a couple of credits, scarcity doesn't stop you anymore.

@IonFox1) Against Against Navi Mumbai you attack other servers. If you can make them poor so you have a better idea which normal breakers you need. Your draw engine is also amazing, so you can just install regular breakers for 1-2-3 credits and trash it the hard way. And if you get surprised by it, just eat the ICE subs and move on. Except tech traders, there is nothing you have to be afraid of losing. 2)You can afford to lose a trader easily, it just doesn't go as smooth anymore. Even if you lose the back, you still have "infinite" boomerang for expensive ICE and basic action card to stargate for the win. Also, if you just keep 1-2 hooks and gbahli around, it is really hard to score in the remote anyway, so you have time to stargate more slowly.

@Krasty The only real threat that Argus has is HHN. So you have slow down a bit so you don't lose instantly to econ warfare and HHN. Because you have diversion and bravado, you can slow argus down aswell. Once you survive the early game, argus is basically screwed. They will most likely have bad pub and at that point your econ engine will be ever more insane than it normally is. You can hammer centrals and make money off it. You also have soo much draw, that you can almost always take the meat damage. At that point tags don't matter either because masterwork/qloop allows you to spend all clicks for running and clearing tags.

14 Jan 2020 rattkin

"(...) and then locked the corp trashing all the ICE" - did you mean "breaking all the ICE"?

14 Jan 2020 Pinsel

@rattkintrashing is correct. I trashed the ICE with stargate out of R&D and picked up agendas where i left them after my stargate run. So they couldn't make the server more taxing for me

14 Jan 2020 rattkin

Ah, right, Stargate. I somehow didn't make the connection, when reading. All clear, thanks.

15 Jan 2020 Yusei

@PinselThanks for your answer! One more question,how to play against Asa/Titan FA Deck? Asa can hold lots of cards in HQ to wait for their combo,and Titan has Atlas to break the stargate lock.I saw several Asa and Titan in the match.So what's your experience? :)

2 Feb 2020 Skandrino

No Sure Gamble?