DoomAlice - now with techs! - 9th @ Italian National 2023

Drager 268

This is the second version of this deck. The first version was almost undefeated in Genova, ZERO victory during worlds.

This version went 3-1 in the Italian national, and brought me to a STELLAR 9th place, losing (with the corp) the tiebreaker round to access the top 8 the day after.

We almost had an Alice deck in the top cut in 2023, folks!

The corp deck was the Simple and clean PD, 3-1 in the day, PD did PD things (losing against crim...)

I will repeat the notes from the previus verion!

This is a standard DoomRig / Patchwork Anarch with a little bit of spice:

  • The killer of choice is Carmen (but the third killer is still a Mimic - it was an Echelon but we had to cut influence somewhere, to add some tech) because you can use it even as a first breaker to battle the nasty Sentries (like Anansi, or Saisentan or - if needed, a surprise Archer having the money). The downside is that with a single turbine Anansi is still 5c...
  • Bankhar is there in 2x to have in the early game, to try to contest an early agenda / to slow down the corps and avoiding the rush behind a single ice.
  • No Gachapon this time, the programs are the only real target here, the companions won't benefit from the discount.

And in this new version:

  • 1x of Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra. It SAVED me in some situation (like a run against a double Starlit KnightEd remote, ending the 0th click with 4 tags)
  • 3x Stoneship Chart Room RH punitive? Draw to survive. NEH Kill? Draw to survive. Fast corp decks? Draw to setup faster! Set up and ready to spend some Twinning counter? Don't worry! Add one more! It's on the house!

Without DreamNet, Alice becomes in my opinion a viable ID. You want to build a doomrig, and then run for pennies and tearing up the centrals. Here's some guidelines:

  • Do not throw away the things in 2x for The Price / Moshing / Patchwork if you don't have another copy installed. so Eru (this time in 1x!), Poemu, Twinning, Taka; oh the other hand, you want double Turbine for the perfect doomrig
  • You CAN trash the 3x cards, especially the breakers (as long that you try to install the next one right away)
  • Patchwork is the powerhouse of the deck. It RULES when installing everything. Trash a Cleaver to install a Cleaver for a discount! How about a Strike Fund for a total of a whopping 4c of discount?
  • Eru is the "final piece of the doomrig". Run archives, trigger Alice, access 1 more card (when at a Threat). Spend some of those counter from The Twinning to access 4!

Ah yes, almost forgot (I really didn't...)

You can see my deck in the stream of the 4th turn from: (too bad the paladin was late to the party!)

Being commented by Andrej of the metropole grid was a DREAM!
I will run HQ more often! I will do it for you!

28 Nov 2023 Porkobolo

Nice deck, seems solid! Have you tried a second copy of Eru? To be more aggressive in fast games

28 Nov 2023 Drager

@Porkobolo2x Eru was in the initial version. I decided to cut 1 Dirty Laundry, and 1 Eru to add the third Moshing. Eru is great but more or less a "win more" and you want her in the endgame

28 Nov 2023 mr_pelle

"Drager, run HQ!!" :DD

28 Nov 2023 Drager

@mr_pelleI will. For you, @cross and Andrej

28 Nov 2023 Drager

@Porkobolo also added 1x Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra