Shipment from Titan - 1st (5-1) ANRPC Child's Play Tournamen

internet_potato 951

Big props to @nidhogg for the bones of this deck. I used to play a lot of rush/FA Titan, but his recent build with Shipment from Tennin and Audacity really turned up the speed.

This deck went 3-1 in swiss and 2-0 in the cut to take first place. It is really, really fast. Being able to FA on a budget helps you maintain tempo, and getting in-faction support from Audacity and 3-influence support from Shipment from Tennin lets you avoid compromising on jhow/GFI in your deck-building.

The loss came in the first round against @strube's Leela deck, and it wasn't even close. I think I have blocked out the memory of what exactly happened that game, but I'm sure it involved a lot of siphons and having Project Atlas stolen repeatedly.

The swiss wins were against Andromeda (I think?), Sunny, and Alice. In the cut, it beat the same Alice and Inversificator Kit. They were all either 2 Atlas + 3 hostile or 3 atlas + 1 hostile, and typically were done in under 10 minutes.

The game plan is to either rush or FA the first atlas, then protect R&D + HQ and dig for combo pieces. If you get a Shipment from Tennin or Audacity, burn a token for atlas and score it. If you get an atlas, burn a token for whichever FA tool makes the most sense at the time and score it. I was lucky enough to score an atlas on turn 2 in several games, and otherwise I think I rushed behind Enigma to start the party. If SfT becomes popular (pretty sure it will), then people will definitely get better at playing against it by running on naked centrals in the early game.

Sandburg never got installed on the day, but it's there to shore up the late game if things go south and you are in danger of losing on R&D digs or have to score a GFI. Your ice tends to become quite porous if you have to score multiple Hostile Takeover's, and you frequently wind up at 20+ credits due to a combination of HT, econ operations, and Mark Yale. Preemptive Action can be nice for dealing with an early Audacity play.

This deck could use a CVS or two and a Crisium Grid, but I still consider it an early iteration and wanted to focus on the primary game plan and not worry too much about tech.

9 Jul 2017 Nidhogg

Congrats on the win! I like the changes to the ICE suite and the Biotic for extra flexibility.

9 Jul 2017 PureFlight

The Atlas Train we've always wanted is finally here :-)

10 Jul 2017 internet_potato

@PureFlight best friend! Gonna ride that train all the way to rotation station

10 Jul 2017 internet_potato

@Nidhogg the biotic is mainly helpful for a mid-game score when the runner knows to make a run each turn and when you have something in hand you can't afford to lose (e.g. audacity + 2 agendas). It's kind of a narrow niche and I might try it as a third Audacity instead to pick up the influence. I thought that it could help to FA Corporate Sales Team (or NA GFI), but neither of those situations came up.

Not sure what I would do with the influence if I cut it, maybe Enhanced Login Protocols to clear currents and make a late game SfT more likely to go off.

10 Jul 2017 internet_potato

... and the top cut video is here (win v. Alice)

11 Jul 2017 Janktivist

Congrats, I really want to try this out! Any issue playing against Clot? I noticed you're not packing Cyberdex Virus Suite.

11 Jul 2017 internet_potato

@JanktivistMeeting Thanks! Clot hasn't been a big problem for me yet. You can play around it to some extent by installing an agenda you don't strictly need and advancing it to bait it out. I would gladly give up a GFI if I suspected they had instant access to clot, unless they are dedicated to clot lock with Clone Chip and Sacrificial Construct, you can probably just let them pull it out, give up a point, then purge and get back to business as usual.

I'll probably try to make some space for Cyberdex Virus Suite in the future, but I wanted to keep the deck focused on speed initially.

12 Jul 2017 Janktivist

Cool! There's some sneaky Shapers in my meta, so that info is good to know. Maybe a Sandburg for a Cyberdex Virus Suite? I'm definitely excited play around with a close version of this deck. Thanks!

13 Jul 2017 internet_potato

@JanktivistMeeting having played this deck and tweaked it a little more, I think that you can lose both Sandburgs and at least 1 Jackson Howard. I think it's better just to go fast and address Clot head-on with CVS than it is to have a contingency plan for what will no doubt be a painful late game.

14 Jul 2017 Janktivist

Yeah, I think that's a good call. Doing anything with the extra influence you save from losing a Jackson Howard? Thinking a second Friends in High Places? I'm trying all this out; I have a GNK on Saturday and am planning to run this!

14 Jul 2017 internet_potato

The thing I want most is more Biotic Labor. I've been experimenting with saving inf on GFI's and Jackson to get in a second biotic (with the goal of making 4/2's easier to incorporate in the scoring plan), seems to be working OK so far but I haven't tested it too much yet.

Friends could be a good idea for recurring CVS if you go that route, though. Dropping 1 or 2 jackson for another friends and something like Green Level Clearance could be reasonable.

Good luck at the GNK!

15 Jul 2017 PureFlight

If you're playing around with influence, one could argue that an Archived Memories to get back a fast advance card would be warrented. I also like Special Report more than Jackson Howard in rushy decks like this.