Jet Ski - 13th @ ACC 2024

koga 2889

Aksu before the tournament:
"You're playing Steve? Oh so you wanna join me on stream later tonight?"

Aksu after 5 rounds of swiss:

fam even apologized lmao

You might be wondering "wtf is koga smoking?" and let me tell you my friend, I got no time for smoking (or testing). My days are all eat, code, sleep. Oh and listen to DnB on repeat. I felt like I just had to ride my wave this tournament.

On god fr no cap though, look at this Zer0 thing. It drips money, draws you cards and cannot be bounced by Proto. By playing it, you also incidentally want to slot Steelskin which draws you even more cards. That's kinda good. Get out of that scared "can't lose my precious blue cards" mindset, you can. There's a chance you cut the Strike Funds for more Zer0 and some other card you may want (but there's a sick alt art now, do you really wanna do that?). Play Jackpot, it's actually cool. Play Pennyshaver, you're not Zahya or Sable with Info Bounty, if you play Hermes you'll regret it (source: just trust me bro). Also I don't want to lose to my own damn deck, so there's that. Bankroll is a sick card and sometimes people forget. If you don't run into W glacier you're mostly fine, if it's Jinteki facecheck those Anansis and move on with life.

Shoutout to TAIB folks for being so welcoming, pleasant and damn good at the game. Can't wait to cook more sick lists, drink water and meet many of you at EMEA later this year.

Finally making it to the top cut of a big tournament was amazing. I wish I could've gone a little further but losing to both the now Continental Champion and family was definitely all right :P

EDIT: incredible and unexpected gift weeks later

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2 Jun 2024 Council

On god, who must pay for his sins

3 Jun 2024 Council

song is sick btw

3 Jun 2024 HaverOfFun

+1, Jet Ski goes hard as! Awesome work!

3 Jun 2024 Silent Arbiter

"i could play steve for the meme" semicit

3 Jun 2024 aksu

I owe you an apology. I wasn't really familiar with your game.

3 Jun 2024 Berzelius

Deck of the week or we riot!

3 Jun 2024 Silent Arbiter

@Berzelius guess we must riot...

3 Jun 2024 revengeanceful

I've been playing Bridgeman's Bankhar Steve list for the last little while and I can't wait to take this take on Steve for a spin. Awesome list and congrats on the awesome finish!

4 Jun 2024 sebastiank

Everyday I wake up aspiring to be as cool as koga tbh

4 Jun 2024 koga

@Council @aksu @HaverOfFun @Silent Arbiter @Berzelius @sebastiank you my friends are cracked, love ya <3

@revengeanceful it might play a bit differently honestly, but it is fun! Thank you so much <3