Flip Switch

Mad Tinkerer 216

A runner deck from me? And it's wild!

Don't get a wrong impression by the name, the actual Flip Switch is Window of Opportunity, which this deck is basically build around. That card is ridiculously efficient. Not only does it derez and rez (yes both is good for us) an ice that we can choose, we can also instal 1 card (program/hardware) and make a run.

Now see how insanly powerfull this is.

1) Play Window of Opportunity

2) Instal a Saci on a Ice (the more expensive the better), bonus points if you have a DZMZ Optimizer installed

3) Derez the ice you just hosted Saci on -> gain 3

4) Run the server (trigger for Masterwork and Prognostic Q-Loop which is even better if you run a central server so you can use Cezve

5) When the run ends the corp may rez the derezed Ice -> +3 and another 2 if this is the first ice rezed this turn Los: Data Hijacker

And don't forget that if the corp rezed the Ice it is now rezed during this turn so you have an opportunity to use Rubicon Switch (and gain even more from Saci.

All of that happend in just one click. And to make sure you can use this more than just 3 times there are 2 copies of Labor Rights in the deck.

Mulligan plan is Prognostic Q-Loop, seriously even if the rest of you hand isn't great to start with it's easily woth it.

Since most of your deck can be installed with it you safe 2 every time you use it (no need to draw and instal the card normally) and you can get along pretty well with minimal econemy since Los: Data Hijacker is pretty strong.

Obviously this deck struggles against asset spam.