4AM, 1 lonely boy, 9 espressos* (10th at APAC)

bowlsley 624


I had a much longer mushy write up half-finished but then I pinholed the fucking escape key instead of the Holo Man like a scrub, and now here we are.

All credit to Angedelo for continuing to make good decks. This is a great one, everything felt smooth throughout and while there are some inevitabilities to playing crim (namely, running out of cash and having no clicks to spare) it was a solid pick for a tournament full of purple IDs and assets.

Thanks to everyone that I've played with at the various pubs in London, I wouldn't be half as good a player as I am now without you.

Thanks to the wider UK scene for being cool as hell. It's a blessing to have so many tournaments to go to and so many fun people to meet.

Thanks to everyone (even you!) that makes GLC what it is. You're all good people.



Round 1 vs Asa: Corp started a bit flooded, I opened DooF and stole 4 points in the first couple of turns.

Round 3 vs Asa: Absolutely wrecked myself live on stream. Shouldn't have trashed the Rashida over the Holo.

Round 6 vs Big Ob: Stalled them out by defusing the remote as often as I could. Bones doing work.

Round 7 vs Prav: Bones doing work again. Ate a lot of Amani fires but also kept the corp poor throughout, letting me grind out the win.

Round 10 vs PD: Turned down a chance to ID into the cut and very nearly lost, won with very last access of the game, absolutely terrifying stuff.

Cut Round 2 vs Asset Ob: Game of the tournament for me. Back and forth throughout, and the entire thing swung on Above the Law hitting my Daily Casts. I missed the line that they could still get Holo Man on the last turn, if I'd seen that I would have 100% checked R&D before Archives.

Cut Round 3 vs NEH: Sent to the shadow realm by Working Prototype.

*It was more like two espressos really, but they kept me going through day 1, so god bless them.

19 Jun 2024 Angedelo

Great performance, especially given the timezone situation!

Thanks for the shoutout :)