Pinhole is good 4-0 Bathgate CO (16 brave souls)

Angedelo 1371

Went for 3 pinhole because pinhole is good.

419 still strong, going to tweak it a little, the paladin is a little awkward with a few connections, might try telework to help in the longer matches where you are forced into using non-turtle breakers. Might try Amina in that situation because shiboleth sucks against a fair amount of stuff even when it's in its good mode.

Beat Nuvem, mostly meta sports, fast advance kingmaker azmari & meta Aginfusion.

Cheers to RoRo for running a fun event and everyone who attended for being cool beans. Love to Shanodin always for the practice and just because. Won't post the corp because it's just Sokka's Asa with an M.I.C. for a magnet (it also went 4-0 guy knows his way around a deck).

10 Jun 2024 Zylus

Hell yeah can confirm this does in fact beat mostly meta sports