Tag City 2.1

Slapdash 125

This deck is built only from a single Core Set and the Deluxe Expansions. It uses heavy tagging with the threat of Scorched Earth to make the runner take a tempo hit dodging or ditching tags.

You generally don't need tons of money, since the most expensive ICE to rez is 4 and the only other cards more expensive are the Hedge Funds and the one SanSan City Grid.

Try to keep your Quantum Predictive Models behind ICE that will cause the runner to be tagged when they access. This means making sure you have something taggey (ideally Data Raven) in front of both R&D and HQ, probably.

If you're facing a deck with Mimic in it, scoring Improved Tracers is huge for your Matrix Analyzers and Turnpikes and make most of your other ice just... gross for the runner.

Don't worry if the runner scores a few agendas. Nine the 13 agendas are worth only 1 point, so they're going to need a lot of accesses to get to 7. Plus, you should be handing them negative points with News Team.